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APPT Manila 2023: Yuanning Wu Champions Main Event For ₱11.42 Million; Chirag Sodha & Asish Ghosh Headline 12 Indian Finishes at the Series

APPT Manila 2023: Yuanning Wu Champions Main Event
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  • Naman Sharma August 8, 2023
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Asia has long been a vibrant hub for poker, with the PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) establishing itself as one of the leading tours on the circuit. Hosted at the beautiful Coral Lounge inside Okada Manila, the PokerStars Live Manila poker room was the epicentre of thrilling poker duels from July 27 to August 6, 2023. The 11-day extravaganza of the APPT Manila featured 39 trophy events, drawing poker enthusiasts from all over the globe.

China`s Yuanning Wu stood tall as the champion, claiming victory in the ₱65K APPT Manila Main Event. With 1,354 competitors, the tournament stood as the second-largest APPT Main Event ever. Wu’s first triumph in an APPT event netted him an extraordinary ₱11.42 Million, a personal milestone. Additionally, he secured a ₱105,000 package for future APPT tournaments. Filipino poker sensation Christopher Mateo, though missing out on the title, walked away with an impressive ₱10 Million through a heads-up deal.

Indian players, too, left an indelible mark with 12 cash finishes in the series. Chirag Sodha and Asish Ghosh were the forerunners, contributing multiple cash placements.

Sodha impressively performed in three events, accumulating total winnings of ₱181,000. His standout finishes spanned Event 34: ₱65K APPT Manila Main Event (188th for ₱102,000), Event 39: Knockout Turbo [₱5K Bounty] Freezeout (7th for ₱63,000), and Event 50: Last Chance Super Hyper Turbo [Re-entry] (19th for ₱16,000).

Chirag Sodha
Chirag Sodha


Ghosh netted ₱56,100 across two events, registering scores in Event #2: ₱20K APPT Kick-Off (87th for ₱31,500) and Event 11: Knockout Turbo [₱5K Bounty] Re-entry (13th for ₱24,600).

Asish Kumar Ghosh
Asish Kumar Ghosh


Other Indian talents, such as Vasa Kaushal, Srinivas Polishetty, Bagaria Raj Vardhan, Haney Daryanani, Mahek Jagrut, Animesh Jah, and Chirag Shah further solidified India’s presence in the series.

Several marquee side events also brought thrilling narratives. Victors including the UK’s Ashley Patterson (Event #2: ₱20K APPT Kick-Off for ₱2.02 Million), Singapore’s Dingxiang Ong (Event #9: ₱35K APPT National for ₱2.20 Million), Philippines’ Mike Takayama (Event 25: ₱500K APPT Super High Roller for ₱2.59 Million), South Korea’s Wooram Cho (Event 45: ₱250K APPT High Roller for ₱3.57 Million), and Japan’s Yuki Honjo (Event 47: ₱15K APPT Mini Main Event for ₱1.15 Million) ensured a global representation on the victors’ stage.

The success of the 2023 APPT Manila stands as a testament to the growing popularity of poker in Asia.


Team India Scores at the 2023 Asia Pacific Poker Tour Manila

RankPlayerEventPrize Amount
29thVasa KaushalEvent 34: ₱65K APPT Manila Main Event₱312,000
36thSrinivas PolishettyEvent 34: ₱65K APPT Manila Main Event₱269,000
54thBagaria Raj VardhanEvent 34: ₱65K APPT Manila Main Event₱226,000
120thHaney DaryananiEvent 34: ₱65K APPT Manila Main Event₱120,000
188thChirag SodhaEvent 34: ₱65K APPT Manila Main Event₱102,000
7thChirag SodhaEvent 39: Knockout Turbo [₱5K Bounty] Freezeout₱63,000
13thChirag ShahEvent 28: Deepstack Re-entry₱55,000
61stMahek JagrutEvent #2: ₱20K APPT Kick-Off₱35,500
87thAsish GhoshEvent #2: ₱20K APPT Kick-Off₱31,500
17thAnimesh JahEvent 10: ₱15,000 NLH Re-Entry₱25,700
19thChirag SodhaEvent 50: Last Chance Super Hyper Turbo [Re-entry]₱16,000


2023 Asia Pacific Poker Tour Manila Winners

PlayerEventPrize Amount
Yuanning WuMain Event₱11,414,730
Ashley PattersonEvent 2: APPT Kick-Off₱2,020,000
Christopher MateoEvent 3: Hyper Turbo Re-Entry₱110,268
Qiang XuEvent 6: ₱40,000 NLH Freezeout₱249,340
Liao Cheng YuEvent 7: Super Hyper Turbo₱174,333
Dingxiang OngEvent 9: APPT National₱2,204,000
Hoi Man ChengEvent 10: ₱15,000 NLH Re-Entry₱412,412
Duy Tung NguyenEvent 11: Knockout Turbo [₱5K Bounty] Re-entry₱326,844
Vage BabayanEvent 14: PLO Knockout [₱5K Bounty] Re-entry₱186,460
Ho Kuen LiEvent 16: ₱10,000 NLH Re-entry₱290,360
Kang ChenEvent 18: Megastack Freezeout₱828,610
Qiang XuEvent 19: Mini High Roller₱1,498,520
Alexis LimEvent 20: Turbo Re-entry₱349,312
Jester IntiaEvent 22: Deepstack – Freezeout₱287,397
Henrik TollefsenEvent 24: Super Deep₱971,000
Mike TakayamaEvent 25: APPT Super High Roller₱2,587,950
Kong SeongsuEvent 26: Short Deck Re-Entry₱143,632
Emmanuel SegismundoEvent 28: Deepstack Re-entry₱722,120
Lester EdocEvent 29: Single Day High Roller – Single Re-entry₱2,245,760
Yin YozhouEvent 31: Hyper Turbo Freezeout₱254,248
Haruto MurataEvent 32: ₱15,000 NLH Freezeout₱554,516
Jun ObaraEvent 35: High Roller Knockout [₱50K bounty]₱1,282,700
Junnie PamplonaEvent 36: Knockout Hyper Turbo – [₱5K bounty]₱337,700
Chia Wei ChangEvent 39: Knockout Turbo [₱5K Bounty] Freezeout₱360,350
Hyungwoon KimEvent 42: Mystery Bounty₱385,300
Joshua LebowitzEvent 43: Flipout – Mystery Bounty₱77,000
Yudai AkisadaEvent 44: Superstack Freezeout₱1,574,960
Wooram ChoEvent 45: APPT High Roller₱3,564,700
Tetsuya TsujisakaEvent 46: Super Knockout [₱10K Bounty] Hyper Turbo₱301,500
Yuki HonjoEvent 47: Mini Main Event₱1,154,448
Sota KuriharaEvent 48: Mix PLO/NLH Re-entry₱701,150
Chierro De LeonEvent 49: 6 Handed High Roller Turbo₱1,376,760
Xin YuanEvent 50: Last Chance Super Hyper Turbo [Re-entry]₱287,040
Bonifacio MondaloEvent 51: ₱25,000 NLH Turbo Re-entry₱247,800
Yu Jie NiEvent 52: ₱25,000 NLH Re-entry₱503,120
Joris MichlEvent 53: ₱25,000 NLH Turbo Re-entry₱351,400
John TechEvent 54: ₱50K Hyper Turbo₱412,240
Fujita HarunaEvent 55: ₱50K NLH Turbo Re-entry₱290,060
Ryo KawauchiEvent 56: ₱25,000 NLH Re-entry₱563,450


Yuanning Wu Seizes Victory in the 2023 APPT Manila Main Event, Scooping Up ₱11.42 Million and Maiden APPT Title

The 2023 Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Manila Main Event, sponsored by PokerStars, culminated in a triumphant victory for China’s Yuanning Wu. Notably ranked as the second-biggest APPT Main Event in the series’ lineage, it was undoubtedly an event of grandeur.

Wu clinched the esteemed PokerStars Shard trophy, emerging victorious from a staggering player base of 1,354 entrants in Event 34: ₱65K APPT Manila Main Event. This victory marked his debut APPT title and rewarded him with a staggering ₱11.42 Million. The icing on the cake? A package worth ₱105,000 to a forthcoming APPT tour.

Local star Christopher Mateo had his sights set on keeping the prestigious PokerStars Shard trophy in the Philippines. Although he fell short of the title, Mateo’s second-place finish netted him a substantial ₱10 Million, thanks to a heads-up deal.

Setting a new benchmark, this edition`s Main Event prize pool skyrocketed to an unprecedented ₱76,832,730. Wu and Mateo claimed the lion’s share. Their mutual agreement left ₱1,414,730 in play, leading to an electrifying showdown, where Wu fashioned a straight on the river, outclassing Mateo’s pair and blockers.

Yuanning Wu

Christopher Mateo


This victory marked a substantial leap from Wu’s previous best score of ₱1.48 Million, earned from a seventh-place finish in the 2019 APPT Manila Main Event. Wu’s live tournament earnings now amount to a commendable $268,593, with scores dating back to 2014, according to his Hendon Mob profile.

The finale table of the APPT Manila Main Event showcased an ensemble of poker luminaries like South Korea’s Gyuhyuk Lee (3rd for ₱5.50 Million), Philippines’ John Tech (4th for ₱4.07 Million), Netherlands’ Nino Pansier (5th for ₱3.18 Million), Japan’s Riku Sasahara (6th for ₱2.40 Million), Philippines’ Archie Mariano (7th for ₱1.83 Million), and New Zealand’s Thomas Ward (8th for ₱1.30 Million).

Representing India, talents such as Vasa Kaushal (29th for ₱312,000), Srinivas Polishetty (36th for ₱269,000), Bagaria Raj Vardhan (54th for ₱226,000), Haney Daryanani (120th for ₱120,000), and Chirag Sodha (188th for ₱102,000) left their mark, netting commendable payouts.

Commanding a ₱65,000 entry fee, the APPT Manila Main Event generated an awe-inspiring ₱76.83 Million prize pool, the second-largest for an APPT Main Event. From this pot, the top 199 players relished a windfall, with the payouts starting at ₱102,000.

Yuanning Wu
Yuanning Wu


Final Table Results (Philippine Peso)

  1. Yuanning Wu – ₱11,414,730*
  2. Christopher Mateo – ₱10,000,000*
  3. Gyuhyuk Lee – ₱5,501,000
  4. John Tech – ₱4,074,000
  5. Nino Pansier – ₱3,184,000
  6. Riku Sasahara – ₱2,398,000
  7. Archie Mariano – ₱1,833,000
  8. Thomas Ward – ₱1,301,000

* denotes a heads-up deal


Other PokerStars Shard Trophy Winners

The 2023 APPT Manila dazzled the poker community with an exhilarating fusion of talent, strategy, and grit, paving the way for unforgettable victories and record-breaking prize pools.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Ashley Patterson ascended over a sea of 589 contenders in the ₱3 Million GTD Event #2: ₱20K APPT Kick-Off, clinching his inaugural APPT title. With the celebrated PokerStars Spadie trophy in hand, he claimed a lavish ₱2.02 Million. Yet, victory wasn’t easily grasped, with South Korea’s Yonghwa Jung closely tailing, sealing an enviable ₱1.26 Million.

Ashley Patterson
Ashley Patterson


In ₱5 Million GTD Event #9: ₱35K APPT National, Singapore’s Dingxiang Ong demonstrated sheer brilliance, eclipsing a 558-player field. His accolades included the distinctive PokerStars Shard trophy, the APPT crown, and a hefty ₱2.20 Million prize. The enthralling final table culminated in a four-way deal, yielding rich rewards for China’s Dong Zhilian (2nd for ₱1.93 Million), Philippines’ Edgar Asehan (3rd for ₱1.91 Million), and USA’s Bonachita Acain (4th for ₱1.84 Million).

Dingxiang Ong
Dingxiang Ong


In the exclusive Event 25: ₱500K APPT Super High Roller, Philippines’ Mike Takayama stood unrivalled, mastering an elite 11-player ensemble. His spoils? The PokerStars Shard trophy, the APPT title, and a splendid ₱2.59 Million. Fellow competitors, the Philippines’ John Tech (2nd for ₱1.55 Million) and Taiwan’s Yen-Han Chen (3rd for ₱1.04 Million), also dug into the ₱5.18 Million prize pool.

Mike Takayama
Mike Takayama


South Korea’s Wooram Cho wielded unmatched prowess in Event 45: ₱250K APPT High Roller, securing the PokerStars Shard trophy, the APPT title, and a formidable ₱3.57 Million. The event’s abundant ₱10.49 Million prize pool was apportioned among poker luminaries such as Hong Kong’s Hon Cheong Lee (2nd for ₱2.46 Million), China’s Xiaogang Lin (3rd for ₱1.57 Million), Japan’s Kaoru Kishimoto (4th for ₱1.21 Million), South Korea’s Hyung Tai Kim (5th for ₱944,000), and Event 25: ₱500K APPT Super High Roller victor, Mike Takayama (6th for ₱734,000).

Wooram Cho
Wooram Cho


Lastly, Yuki Honjo of Japan exhibited finesse and precision, reigning supreme in Event 47: ₱15K APPT Mini Main Event. Navigating a 462-player maze, Honjo notched up the PokerStars Shard trophy and an impressive ₱1.15 Million chunk from the ₱5.92 Million prize pool. Japan’s Seigo Miyazaki followed suit, bagging a worthy second-place prize of ₱722,000.

Yuki Honjo
Yuki Honjo


Content & Images Courtesy: So Much Poker & PokerNews

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