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Triton Poker SHR Series London: Timothy Adams Clinches Historic Second Triton Main Event Victory ($4,185,000)

Timothy Adams
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  • RUPAM THAKUR August 8, 2023
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In an electrifying confrontation that will long be remembered, Canadian crusher Timothy Adams (cover image) became only the third player ever to win two Main Events in the history of the Triton Super High Roller Series. Adams overcame the 151-entry field (54 unique) in the Triton Poker SHR Series London Event #11: $125K NLH Main Event, earning a breathtaking $4.185 Million as the champion, marking his illustrious poker career’s most lucrative cash prize. In addition to the eye-watering cash prize, this title awarded him an exclusive Jacob & Co timepiece and a two-night sojourn on the luxurious Bombay Superyacht.

In a gripping heads-up duel, the 37-year-old Adams triumphed over French businessman Jean Noel Thorel, a competitor over twice his age. Known affectionately as JNT in the poker world, Thorel is the oldest player ever to grace a seat at the Triton Series. With his unpredictable style and dauntless demeanour, he has rightfully earned his reputation as a super high roller stalwart. His attire for the day, a t-shirt and cap emblazoned with the word “POLICE,” signalled his intention to keep the young challengers in check. Yet, despite his best efforts, Adams emerged victorious, leaving Thorel in a respectable second place with a hefty $2.83 Million prize.

In March 2019, Timothy Adams clinched his inaugural Triton title, reigning supreme at the Triton SHR Series Jeju Main Event with a monumental win of over $3.53 Million. Not one to rest on his laurels, Adams also pocketed $1.55 Million just last week for a fourth-place finish in Event #7: $200K NLH 8-Handed at the series.

The recent title win becomes his 11th Triton score, elevating his aggregate Triton earnings to an astronomical $13,097,448. According to his Hendon Mob profile, Adams’s live tournament winnings now stand at a staggering $36,727,006, with a whopping $5.70 Million attributed to his recent exploits in the London series.


Santhosh Suvarna, India’s lone Triton champion, continues to dominate the high-stakes arena, registering his fourth notable finish in the ongoing series. Suvarna min-cashed the Main Event, placing 25th to secure an impressive $189,000 payout. Earlier in the series, he delivered commendable performances in Event #6: $60K NLH 7-Handed (12th for $112,300), Event #9: $250K Luxon Invitational (20th for $371,000), and Event #12: $60K NLH Turbo (10th for $91,500).

Santhosh Suvarna
Santhosh Suvarna


These scores have pushed Suvarna’s total winnings for the series to a jaw-dropping $763,800. Moreover, the Main Event marked his 11th score in Triton events, elevating his overall Triton winnings to $3,379,100.

Santhosh Suvarna’s remarkable success in high roller tournaments has elevated him to the #2 rank on India’s all-time money list, according to Hendon Mob. With the latest score, Suvarna’s live tournament earnings have reached a staggering $3,775,493, reaffirming his status as one of India’s foremost poker talents.

Still reeling from the excitement, Timothy Adams admitted in his winner’s interview, “I’m just lost for words because that was insane that I won this one. It was a battle heads up. Jean Noel, hats off to him. He is an insane competitor, super tough to play against.”

Recalling that intense moment against Thorel, Adams remarked, “When we got it in, it was a bit of a cooler. I thought that would be it for me. I couldn’t believe it when I smashed the eight on the river.”

In a heartwarming display of sportsmanship, Thorel joined Adams for the winner’s photograph. The stage was also populated with numerous other high roller regulars – both friends and rivals of Adams, underscoring that camaraderie often rivals competition in the high-stakes community. Given the thunderous applause and cheers, it’s safe to say there hasn’t been a more celebrated winner or runner-up in recent memory.

The $125,000 buy-in tournament in the magnificent Great Room of the JW Marriott Grosvenor House Hotel drew a record-breaking turnout of 151 entries (54 unique), surpassing even the organizers’ expectations. The Main Event collected a massive $18,875,000 in the prize pool, making it the biggest-ever Main Event in Triton history. The top 27 finishers crossed the money line with a min-cash worth $189,000.

Daniel Dvoress was eliminated in 27th place as the money bubble.

Notables to cross the money line included Seth Davies (10th for $360,000), Nick Schulman (11th for $360,000), Matthias Eibinger (12th for $311,000), Paul Phua (13th for $311,000), Nacho Barbero (14th for $282,000), Webster Lim (15th for $282,000), Event #3: $40K Mystery Bounty champion Espen Jorstad (16th for $254,000), Tobias Schwecht (17th for $254,000), Wiktor Malinowski (18th for $226,000), Erik Seidel (19th for $226,000), Dan Smith (20th for $226,000), Event #9: $250K Luxon Invitational champion Bryn Kenney (21st for $207,500), Brian Kim (22nd for $207,500), Rodrigo Seiji (23rd for $207,500), Pablo Brito Silva (24th for $189,000), India’s Santhosh Suvarna (25th for $189,000), Alex Kulev (26th for $189,000), and Ramin Hajiyev (27th for $189,000).

You can watch the replay of the final table live stream below.


Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Dan Cates – 8.2 Million (66 BBs)
  2. Stephen Chidwick – 6.65 Million (53 BBs)
  3. Jean Noel Thorel – 5.65 Million (45 BBs)
  4. Tim Adams – 5.15 Million (41 BBs)
  5. Doug Polk – 3.325 Million (27 BBs)
  6. Juan Pardo – 2.5 Million (20 BBs)
  7. Isaac Haxton – 2.325 Million (19 BBs)
  8. James Chen – 2.3 Million (18 BBs)
  9. Lun Loon – 1.675 Million (13 BBs)


Final Table Recap

As night gave way to morning, the atmosphere intensified. Although the average stack was on the shorter side as the final table started, it was immediately apparent that this would be a whirlwind showdown. Within just a few rounds, three competitors had already departed.

A tense face-off between Isaac Haxton and Doug Polk kicked things off. Haxton’s tens outmatched Polk’s pocket eights. Haxton prospered, doubling up, while Polk was staggering. Two hands later, Polk exited in ninth place, clashing unfavorably with Jean Noel Thorel’s kings.

Lun Loon, although a newcomer, showed promise. From being a businessman in agriculture to marking his third Triton final appearance, Loon’s evolution in the high-stakes arena was evident. However, his journey concluded when he challenged Stephen Chidwick’s pocket fives with a pair of deuces, settling for eighth place.

The once Triton Series regular, James Chen, made a formidable return after five years, only to encounter Jean Noel Thorel’s pocket aces with his cowboys. Chen’s comeback was cut short in seventh place.

Thorel seemed to be living every poker player’s fantasy. He found himself with premium pairs repeatedly, causing ripples in the line-up. After a sizable win against Chidwick, he took out Juan Pardo, who held , sending him home in sixth.

Stephen Chidwick tried to turn his luck around, but Thorel’s queens trumped Chidwick’s sevens. The British poker pro had to be content with a fifth-place finish.

Isaac Haxton, too, was in Thorel’s line of sight. An engaging showdown with a tantalizing flop ended with Haxton missing his needed cards, exiting in fourth place.

The usually dominant Dan “Jungleman” Cates found himself overshadowed, not just by Thorel, but Tim Adams too. Adams played executioner, sending Cates to the rail in third place.

As the final two stood, Thorel, riding high on his past conquests, sat comfortably with a mammoth 24 Million chips (80 BBs). Meanwhile, Adams, fresh from his last win, wasn’t far behind with a solid 13 Million chips (43 BBs). The battle began on a high note for Adams. His found a favorable flop of . Both Adams and Thorel landed the top pair; however, Thorel, holding , couldn’t find any further advantage on the board. Adams’ kicker came into play in this crucial moment, giving him the upper hand.

On the Final hand, Jean Noel Thorel and Timothy Adams went all-in pre-flop, with Adams holding and Thorel slightly ahead with . As the community cards were revealed, tension reached its peak. The flop and the turn provided no relief for Adams, and it all came down to the river. Then, in a stunning twist of fate, an appeared on the river, granting Adams the victory.

In retrospect, Adams said, “When we got it in, it was a bit of a cooler. I thought that would be it for me. I couldn’t believe it when I smashed the eight on the river.”

Timothy Adams
Timothy Adams


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Timothy Adams – $4,185,000
  2. Jean Noel Thorel – $2,830,000
  3. Daniel Cates – $1,940,000
  4. Isaac Haxton – $1,582,000
  5. Stephen Chidwick – $1,260,000
  6. Juan Pardo – $970,000
  7. James Chen – $705,000
  8. Lun Loon – $510,000
  9. Doug Polk – $422,500


Content & Images Courtesy: Triton Poker

Images by Joe Giron/Poker Photo Archive

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