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Bonus: 150% Cashback up to ₹75,000


Pocket52 is a comprehensive platform for all things poker, offering 24*7 action-packed gameplay, and is trusted by over 15 Lakh players in India. With 24*7 customer support and withdrawals under 60 secs, it’s the go-to choice for online poker enthusiasts.

With instant cash deposits, super-fast withdrawals, lucrative rewards, and real-cash prize pools, Pocket52 keeps players engaged and excited while playing from the comfort of their homes. Multiple offers, including 150% cashback up to ₹75,000, add to the already exciting gameplay experience.

The Pocket52 app is available on all devices, including Windows/Mac on desktops and Android/iOS apps on mobile phones, delivering a hassle-free and smooth in-game user experience. Play seamlessly on any browser, smartphone, or laptop by simply creating an account and signing in.



Pocket52 offers the opportunity to play poker with real players and real cash. If you’re a fan of online gaming, the tables at Pocket52 provide plenty of excitement and engagement.

For those new to Pocket52 or who are still learning the basics of the game, participating in Practice Games or Freerolls with a diverse range of players can help hone your gaming skills.



Pocket52 offers a loyalty reward program that stands out in the industry. The Pocket Vault program in India provides exceptional cashback rewards that allow members to redeem coveted prizes such as a Jaguar car, Ducati bike, iPhone 13, or equivalent cash rewards.

Advancing from Level 1 to Level 7 unlocks higher-tier rewards. Pocket Coins are earned with every game played, and up to 63% cashback is available. Members can also benefit from up to 30% TDS Refunds from the Pocket Vault. For further details, visit the link provided.



Pocket52 provides a range of gaming options for players, offering all the popular variants of poker on its platform.

Players can enjoy popular variants like Texas Hold ’em, PLO, and PLO5 (Omaha) on both the website and app, all of which are highly engaging and rewarding.



Pocket52’s gaming platform sets a high standard for its competitors, offering a premium and exceptional gaming experience. The gaming client promises complete transparency, allowing players to review their gameplay history through video replay. Additionally, the site provides access to the transaction history for all account transactions.

Providing a safe, secure, and legal online platform for poker, Pocket52 is dedicated to helping players realize their dreams of becoming professionals in their respective games. Boasting India’s first cryptographically secure Random Number Generator (RNG) and an exceptional loyalty program, Pocket52 is a leader in the industry.

iTech Labs, Australia, has certified Pocket52, addressing Indian online poker’s safety concerns and ensuring a secure and hassle-free gameplay experience.

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