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Hello Poker Players! Formerly known as AceJack, and now re-branded as PokerGuru, we address some of the most frequent Poker questions and answers and pointers on some common blunders we noticed in applications.

PokerGuru started in March 2017, and the stable has kept us busy throughout these years. With the efforts of Lungi, it became much smoother to operate over time. We are very proud of the Poker players that have come in and how they have excelled, and the way they’re preparing themselves to win Poker games to Poker tournaments.

The vision of PokerGuru has always been clear – nurture the players and make them the best to their abilities. Make them world champions – be it in life or poker. That’s the goal. The plan since the beginning was never to have a 50 player stable; we always wanted to cap it till 15-20 players and filter out the most hardworking players. We are always looking out for new applicants and filtering them. The simplest way to apply or know the application process would be to go to the PokerGuru Staking FaceBook page and look at the pinned post.

The pinned post clearly states the requirements. The first and the most important requirement will be that he/she should be a full-time Poker player. We don’t encourage part-time players or working professionals as we put everything ahead for the player throughout our agreement, and we expect the same commitment.

Then the pinned post speaks about the application form, which needs to be filled by the applicant. Any application with missing criteria will be disregarded as we don’t respond to these applications. The questionnaire helps us identify the character and the applicants’ thought processes, which is crucial to us. Another requirement is that the player is open to travel, be it for events or a Bootcamp.

We noticed a common mistake that most players message us rather than filling the application form. It becomes challenging to respond to each player individually, so we urge applicants to only apply through the application form. Another thing is that when you apply, look at it as a job and not an application for a college/university. We take our applications very seriously, but most people want to make a quick buck out of this by joining us. They want to improve their skills but don’t realize the future potential for them in the game.

  1. What are the minimum requirements to register with PokerGuru?
    To become an ace Poker player and to register on PokerGuru, below are the prerequisites we look for in an applicant.
    Professional poker player
    Particular skill set i.e. experience and study
    Young age does help
    Proven graph and track record of the player

  2. How do I get started on PokerGuru?
    Just follow these simple steps:
    Register with PokerGuru and fill out the required details.
    Log-in using the Username and Password you registered with.
    That’s all and you are ready to play poker on any of the listed Poker rooms.

  3. Which form of Poker is best to play?
    There are several poker variations, and it is difficult to describe any of them as “best.” However, it is recommended for beginners to start with Texas Hold’em. Once you are familiar with Texas Hold’em, you can start learning other poker forms.

  4. Which is better to play- Poker tournaments or cash games?
    Both, tournaments and cash games are different types of poker. Many players prefer to specialize in one type of Poker, but you can still enjoy playing both forms. It is completely based on your preference if you enjoy Poker tournaments or cash games.

  5. What does rake mean in a casino or online poker?
    Rake is a commission charged by an online poker site, a casino, or a game organizer. In cash games, a rake is in the form of a small percentage taken out of each pot and in Poker tournaments, a rake is a small percentage taken out of an entry fee, also referred to as a buy-in.

  6. What is the difference between live Poker and online Poker?
    The poker game remains the same regardless of whether it’s played online or live. The rules remain unchanged; however, there are a few differences to know. Playing Poker online is faster than playing live. Playing online Poker is convenient as you get a vast selection of games and stakes available to suit your needs.

  7. Which online poker games are available to play?
    Texas Hold’em is the most popular Poker site, while Omaha, Party Poker, GG Poker, and other mixed game formats are common too.

  8. How to find the best online Poker site?
    Here are some important ways to choose the right Poker site to play Poker.

    Check the best welcome bonuses
    Find the site with huge player traffic
    Check if the software is easy to use
    Read reviews or watch videos to know more
    Check for safe and secure transactions and banking
    Look for efficient customer support
    Make the most of free rolls
    Best poker training tools and guide

  9. Can a player play at more than one table at the same time?
    Yes, a player can play in more than one cash game and tournament simultaneously. Many Poker players find this a great feature of playing poker online.

  10. What are the formats of Cash Games in Poker?
    There are 2 things to know here.

    1. Cash Game Tables can be played on a Poker website or an App using real cash chips.

    2. Money Tables can be played on a Poker website/ software using virtual tokens. As it holds no monetary value, new players are advised to play this game.

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