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3-Bet: Samy Boujmala, Alex Todd & Alexandros Dimogiorgis Win Live Titles

Samy Boujmala, Alex Todd & Alexandros Dimogiorgis
  • Sabyasachi Mukherjee August 9, 2023
  • 5 minutes Read

This 3-bet report includes updates from three recently-concluded live events – WPT Prime Aix-en-Provence Main Event, Grosvenor Poker Goliath Main Event and the Grand Prix Bratislava Main Event.

Samy Boujmala made a remarkable mark at the premiere WPT Prime Aix-en-Provence €1,100 Main Event, co-hosted with TexaPoker. Amidst a challenging 457-entry field at the Pasino Grand, Boujmala stood tall, pocketing a cool $102,938. Following closely, Loic Menneteau claimed the second spot with a respectable $60,940.

In a display of unmatched poker finesse, Alex Todd was crowned the champion of the 11th live edition of the Grosvenor Poker Goliath Main Event, which stamped its legacy as the grandest live poker tournament hosted outside Las Vegas.

With a deft play after a six-way deal, Todd ascended to the top, wrapping up a high-octane duel against Richard Birchall and amassing a handsome £178,860. The runner-up, Birchall, settled for an admirable £80,000. The deal’s other beneficiaries included luminaries like Yu-San Chan (3rd for £83,300), Min Ji (4th for £103,500), Wayne Penford (5th for £80,250), and Andrew Mackenzie (6th for £75,000).

Over at the Bratislava Poker Festival, Greece’s poker prodigy Alexandros Dimogiorgis seized a lavish €102,000 prize after dominating the €550 Grand Prix Main Event. Thanks to a strategic heads-up deal, his counterpart, Germany’s Dillan Bruce, clinched a commendable €93,000.


Samy Boujmala Wins Inaugural WPT Prime Aix-en-Provence For $102,938

Samy Boujmala clinched victory at the inaugural WPT Prime Aix-en-Provence €1,100 Main Event, co-hosted with TexaPoker. At the Pasino Grand, Boujmala emerged victorious over a strong 457-entry field, bagging $102,938 for his efforts.

This triumph is Boujmala’s second-largest to date, surpassed only by the $251,611 he notched up from a fifth-place finish at this year’s European Poker Tour Monte Carlo €5,300 Main Event. His career earnings now exceed $491,000.

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation over four starting flights, culminating in a prize pool of $482,592. Among the top 59 contenders who cashed in, notable performances included Leo Soma (8th for $11,352), Florian Ribouchon (20th for $4,026), and Koen De Visscher (33rd for $2,640).

Entering the event’s final day as the chip leader, Loic Menneteau faced Boujmala in the heads-up showdown but eventually settled for the runner-up spot, taking home $60,940.

In the tournament’s climactic hand, Boujmala went all-in with , while the shorter-stacked Menneteau responded with a call holding . With the board revealing , Boujmala’s rivered two-pair earned him the top prize of $102,938, along with a coveted seat at the season-ending WPT World Championship in Wynn Las Vegas, valued at $10,400.

Samy Boujmala
Samy Boujmala


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Samy Boujmala – $102,938*
  2. Loic Menneteau – $60,940
  3. Hugo Heiter – $44,770
  4. Aadrien Amorella – $33,242
  5. Patrick Viret – $24,992
  6. Jerome Lopez – $18,986
  7. Emmanuel Goemz – $14,586
  8. Leo Soma – $11,352
  9. Nicolas Gil – $8,932

*includes a ticket to the WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas worth $10,400


Alex Todd Wins Record-Breaking 2023 Grosvenor Poker Goliath Main Event For £178,860

In an unprecedented display of poker prowess, Alex Todd has emerged as the champion of the 11th live edition of the Grosvenor Poker Goliath Main Event, which created a new record as the largest-ever live poker tournament held outside of Las Vegas.

After dominating a six-way deal, Todd clinched the top spot, culminating in a thrilling face-off against fellow player Richard Birchall, banking £178,860 up top. Birchall took home £80,000 for his runner-up finish.

Last year, the event made headlines with a staggering 10,584 entries, but this year’s edition shattered that record. An impressive 11,493 participants flocked to compete in the most monumental Goliath Main Event yet. A remarkable £1,379,160 prize pool was amassed from a modest buy-in of just £150. The top 1,000 players got a slice of this lucrative pie, with the minimum cash prize set at a decent £320.

Initially, the winner was to walk away with £220,000. However, a consensus was reached among the top six players, leading to a renegotiation. With the chip lead in his grasp, Todd clinched the most substantial payout of £133,200. Following closely were Min-Ji with £103,500, Yu-San Chan taking home £83,300, Wayne Penford with £80,250, Richard Birchall at £80,000, and Andrew Mackenzie pocketing £75,000. An enticing £44,000 and the esteemed trophy remained in contention.

Entering the heads-up finale with a significant chip advantage, Todd showcased his expertise, sealing victory after a high-octane duel against Birchall. The defining moment arrived when Birchall, armed with ace-nine, went all in, only to be countered by Todd’s pocket tens. The board bricked for Birchall, and Todd was crowned the undisputed champion of this record-breaking event.

Alex Todd
Alex Todd


Final Table Results (GBP)

  1. Alex Todd – £178,860*
  2. Richard Birchall – £80,000*
  3. Yu-San Chan – £83,300*
  4. Min Ji – £103,500*
  5. Wayne Penford – £80,250*
  6. Andrew Mackenzie – £75,000*
  7. Nigel Brampton – £22,510
  8. Peter Seagar – £18,500
  9. William Picot – £15,880

*denotes a six-way deal


Alexandros Dimogiorgis Ship Grand Prix Bratislava Main Event For €102,000

The debut run of the Bratislava Poker Festival at the Card Casino in the heart of Slovakia’s capital was nothing short of spectacular. Players from various walks of life converged at the venue, pushing each event to exceed its prize pool guarantees. Throughout the series, players claimed a share of over €1.30 Million in winnings.

A substantial €102,000 of this bounty now belongs to Greece’s poker maestro, Alexandros Dimogiorgis, following his triumphant performance in the €550 Grand Prix Main Event. Not far behind, Germany’s Dillan Bruce clinched an impressive €93,000 courtesy of a heads-up deal.

With a turnout of 1,113 participants, the tournament generated a whopping €542,590 prize pool, divided among the top 112 contenders. This overwhelming response ensured that each of the final nine players pocketed no less than €11,700 for their exemplary gameplay.

Alexandros Dimogiorgis
Alexandros Dimogiorgis


Final Table Results (GBP)

  1. Alexandros Dimogiorgis – €102,000*
  2. Dillan Bruce – €93,000*
  3. Andras Balogh – €47,000
  4. Charles La Boissonniere – €36,000
  5. Ciprian Paunescu – €28,750
  6. Thomas Chrobak – €22,500
  7. Janos Somogyi – €18,000
  8. Jiri Stana – €14,500
  9. Dennis Magro – €11,700

*denotes a heads-up deal


Images and Content Courtesy: PokerNews & World Poker Tour

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