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Daily Majors: Sahil Nevatiya, Sandeep Singh, Rishabh Gupta & Shardul Parthasarathi Grab the Tuesday Spotlight

Daily Majors: Sahil Nevatiya, Sandeep Singh, Rishabh Gupta & Shardul Parthasarathi
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  • RUPAM THAKUR August 9, 2023
  • 10 Minutes Read

The online poker community was treated to a thrilling Tuesday, with PokerBaazi’s colossal 28 Crores GTD Indian Poker Masters once again steering the action along with the usual headlining tournaments hosted across major platforms.

Sahil Nevatiya, who has been active on PokerBaazi for four years, achieved an extraordinary milestone by claiming his first-ever title on the platform. His triumph came in the day’s featured tournament, the Masters#48 (PLO-5) HighRoller, earning him a personal-best ₹8.29 Lakhs. This marked the day’s largest individual score, despite intense competition from Mohammad Azhar, the first-ever NPS Main Event champion, who finished in second place with ₹5.77 Lakhs.

Sandeep Singh impressed with a splendid performance, raking in a total of ₹3.62 Lakhs from four deep runs. His crowning glory was a decisive victory in Spartan Poker’s Mega Stack, with a grand prize of ₹3.26 Lakhs. Hot on his trail was Amrit Mishra, securing ₹2.19 Lakhs for second place.

Making a triumphant finish for a second consecutive Tuesday, Rishabh Gupta seized victory in PokerBaazi’s Masters#49, earning 3.59 Lakhs. This latest win pushed Gupta over the ₹1 Crore milestone in annual earnings. Close behind was Vinayak Bajaj, who pocketed ₹2.19 Lakhs as the runner-up.

‘Dan5116’ (Won Masters#47 for 1.52 Lakhs), Pramod Gupta (Won Masters#46 for 1.34 Lakhs), and Siddharth Gangwar (Won Masters#50 5-Max Hyper for 1.51 Lakhs) won the other Indian Poker Masters Tuesday tournaments.

Young Gun Shardul Parthasarathi, an admired poker coach, clinched a much-awaited victory in Adda52’s The Mint, grabbing the champion’s prize worth 3.26 Lakhs (won 3.43 Lakhs overall). Following his runner-up finish in The Ballers on Friday, Bhavyajeet Singh Rathore yet again claimed the second position in The Mint, adding 2.71 Lakhs.

Seasoned circuit regular Gurpal Singh made a triumphant comeback taking down Pocket52’s Pocket Bullets for 2.94 Lakhs (won 3.13 Lakhs overall). Finishing close behind was Alok Pawar, who secured 2.07 Lakhs as the runner-up.

PokerStars India reg ‘RAV1619’ championed Bounty Builder HR – Ticket Drop Edition for 2.39 Lakhs. Hot on the heels of a third-place finish in The Big Bash last Friday, seasoned pro Mithun Mahesh secured a well-deserved 1.11 Lakhs as the runner-up.

In Pocket52’s Terminator, Kabir Tandon clinched the top spot with a hefty ₹1.49 Lakhs prize. Young Gun Aayush Arya followed closely, securing a payday of ₹1.04 Lakhs and total winnings of ₹1.27 Lakhs.

The day also saw notable victories from players like Mohak Kapoor, Cherag Batliwalla, Hemanshu Tomar, Kashish Sachdev, Chaitanya Dhingra, and Gaurang Bhatti in the other Tuesday marquees!

Here are the Tuesday highlights!



Masters#48 (PLO-5) HighRoller – 35 Lakhs GTD

Buy-in – 16,500

Entries – 159

Re-entries – 162

Total Prize Pool – 48,15,000

Places Paid – 35

Last night, the stage belonged to Sahil ‘Bluewhale‘ Nevatiya, who has been active on PokerBaazi for four years. Rising like a phoenix, he took the bull by the horns by securing his first-ever title on the platform and, remarkably, in the featured tournament of the day.

Outlasting a swarm of 158 other poker sharks (321 total entries) in the Indian Poker Masters Tuesday headliner, the 35 Lakhs GTD Masters#48 (PLO-5) HighRoller, Nevatiya’s victory run in the 7:30 PM tournament awarded him a personal-best sum of 8.29 Lakhs – the day’s single most massive score.

Sahil Nevatiya
Sahil Nevatiya


Sahil Nevatiya’s online stats (PokerBaazi & Spartan Poker): Lifetime Winnings: 66.56 Lakhs | Lifetime Profits: 12.94 Lakhs | Titles Won in 2023: #3

The first-ever NPS Main Event champion Mohammad ‘chandlerbing’ Azhar, followed close behind. Despite firing three bullets, Azhar fell just short of his fourth title of the year, settling for second place and 5.77 Lakhs in winnings. Along with another small cash in Masters#49 (34th for 5,252), Azhar’s total earnings for the day reached 5.83 Lakhs.

Mohammad Azhar
Mohammad Azhar


Mohammad Azhar’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 7.33 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 2.85 Crores | Titles Won in 2023: #3

Rounding out the Masters#48 (PLO-5) HighRoller podium was PokerBaazi Team Pro Abhishek ‘singhsaab’ Goindi, who finished third and collected 4.91 Lakhs. Fans had the special opportunity to follow Goindi’s journey as he streamed his tournament run live on PokerBaazi’s YouTube channel. You can relive the thrilling moments below.

With a substantial 16,500 entry buy-in, the Masters#48 (PLO-5) HighRoller created a stunning prize pool of 48.15 Lakhs, shared among the top 35 finishers.

Final Table Results

  1. Sahil ‘Bluewhale’ Nevatiya – 8,28,662
  2. Mohammad ‘chandlerbing’ Azhar – 5,77,319
  3. Abhishek ‘singhsaab’ Goindi – 4,91,130
  4. Pokerstars – 4,14,090
  5. srb9582 – 3,41,865
  6. Vavozeus – 2,72,048


Masters#49 – ₹15 Lakhs GTD

Buy-in – ₹2,750

Entries – 540

Re-entries – 627

Prize Pool – ₹29,18,000

Places Paid – 148

Rishabh ‘rgeader’ Gupta has once again proven his mettle by clinching victory in PokerBaazi’s ₹15 Lakhs GTD Masters#49, just a week after his outstanding triumph in Spartan Poker’s Mega Stack. The 8:30 PM Indian Poker Masters event witnessed a massive turnout of 1,167 players (540 unique), with Gupta standing tall at the end of a grueling nine-plus hour marathon.

Rishabh Gupta
Rishabh Gupta


Firing two bullets, Gupta managed to secure his first-ever IPM title, netting an impressive ₹3.59 Lakhs for his victory. This remarkable win has propelled him past the significant ₹1 Crore threshold in annual earnings.

Finishing close was Vinayak ‘salmanbhai’ Bajaj (opted out of our tracking), who bagged a commendable ₹2.19 Lakhs as the runner-up!

Rishabh Gupta’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹2.48 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹42.32 Lakhs | Titles Won in 2023: #9 | Annual Winnings: ₹1.05 Crores | IPM Titles Won: #1

The Masters#49 final table boasted several PokerBaazi regulars such as Suneeth ‘suneethkalmady’ Kalmady (4th for ₹1.41 Lakhs), Sonu ‘sonushejpal’ Shejpal (5th for ₹1.12 Lakhs), Raghav ‘scambrahm’ Ananth (7th for ₹59,809) and satellite qualifier Dhirendra ‘dhirekum’ Kumar Chauhan (8th for ₹43,763).

With a buy-in of ₹2,750, Masters#49 amassed a striking ₹29.18 Lakhs in the prize pool – almost 2X the advertised guarantee. The top 148 finishers made it past the money bubble.

Final Table Results

  1. Rishabh ‘rgeader’ Gupta – ₹3,59,436
  2. Vinayak ‘salmanbhai’ Bajaj – ₹2,18,813
  3. ace.high – ₹1,75,050
  4. Suneeth ‘suneethkalmady’ Kalmady – ₹1,40,915
  5. Sonu ‘sonushejpal’ Shejpal – ₹1,11,740
  6. hobbes – ₹83,732
  7. Raghav ‘scambrahm’ Ananth – ₹59,809
  8. Dhirendra ‘dhirekum’ Kumar Chauhan – ₹43,763


Masters#47 – 10 Lakhs GTD

Buy-in – 1,650

Entries – 526

Re-entries – 443

Total Prize Pool – 16,54,000

Places Paid – 155

In a remarkable narrative of a rapid rise to success, PokerBaazi user ‘Dan5116’ has taken the online poker scene by storm. Though active on the platform for just four days, ‘Dan5116’ has already clinched two illustrious titles.

Fresh off their victory from Saturday’s (7-Max) Afternoon Boost, ‘Dan5116’ once again showcased stellar gameplay and tactical acumen by navigating a massive 969-strong battlefield (526 unique) in the 10 Lakhs GTD Masters#47, winning the 6 PM Indian Poker Masters fixture for 1.52 Lakhs – their new personal-best score.

The road to this victory was paved with collaboration, as ‘Dan5116’ brokered a three-way deal before securing the title. ‘AACES71’ finished in the second spot, earning a personal-best reward of 1.62 Lakhs, while Kritagya ‘Kritagya_17’ Sharma took home the most significant slice of the prize pie, walking away in third place with 1.62 Lakhs.

Kritagya Sharma
Kritagya Sharma


Vasudev ‘VJS2807’ Shrest (4th for 79,943) and last night’s The Mint fourth-place finisher Vikhyat ‘supersaiyan57’ Ahlawat (5th for 55,233) were other known players to reach the Masters#47 final table.

The Masters#47 was a magnet for poker enthusiasts, attracting a sizable crowd and swelling the prize pool to an impressive 16.54 Lakhs. With a modest entry fee of 1,650, the competition was fierce, and as the game concluded, the top 155 finishers walked away with well-deserved payouts.

Final Table Results

  1. Dan5116 – 1,52,203*
  2. AACES71 – 1,61,683*
  3. Kritagya ‘Kritagya_17’ Sharma – 1,61,990*
  4. Vasudev ‘VJS2807’ Shrest – 79,943
  5. Vikhyat ‘supersaiyan57’ Ahlawat – 55,233
  6. dpatron – 38,518
  7. MaddyMax – 27,471
  8. klaus0072 – 20,494

*denotes a three-way deal


Masters#46 – ₹8 Lakhs GTD

Buy-in – ₹1,380

Entries – 428

Re-entries – 388

Prize Pool – ₹10,20,000

Places Paid – 137

In a riveting and decisive session that proved to be a game-changer for Pramod ‘pg111111’ Gupta, he emerged victorious in PokerBaazi’s ₹8 Lakhs GTD Masters#46 last night. This win in the 4:30 PM Indian Poker Masters tournament marked the end of a 13-month title-less streak, as Gupta overcame a formidable field of 816 participants (428 unique) in a thrilling six-and-a-half-hour clash.

Pramod Gupta
Pramod Gupta


The competition reached a fever pitch, culminating in a three-way deal that ultimately crowned Gupta the champion. He walked away with the coveted title and an impressive prize of ₹1.34 Lakhs – his second-best online score. This remarkable victory also allowed him to recover all previous losses.

Pramod Gupta’s online stats (PokerBaazi and Spartan Poker): Lifetime Winnings: ₹9.99 Lakhs | Lifetime Profits: ₹85,877 | Titles Won in 2023: #1 | IPM Titles Won: #1

Sharing the spotlight in Masters#46 were Arbaaz ‘Abbc’ Ahmed and Hemant ‘Hemant0606’ Poddar, who finished second and third, securing commendable payouts of ₹1.13 Lakhs and ₹1.01 Lakhs, respectively. This dynamic duo and Gupta formed the triumphant trio on the Masters#46 podium.

Hemant Poddar also cashed the Masters#47 (130th for ₹3,052), rounding out ₹1.04 Lakhs in total winnings. His online stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹27.03 Lakhs | Lifetime Profits: ₹80,559

Other standout players showcasing their skills in Masters#46 included Aryaman ‘aryaknight’ Arora (5th for ₹40,800), Neha ‘bugsy’ Kamath (6th for ₹27,540), Avijit ‘SwangoRay’ Jaiswal (7th for ₹19,380), and Chaitanya ‘chaitanyadhingra’ Dhingra (8th for ₹14,688).

With an entry buy-in of ₹1,380, the Masters#46 amassed a whopping prize pool of ₹10.20 Lakhs, distributed among the top 137 finishers.

Final Table Results

  1. Pramod ‘pg111111’ Gupta – ₹1,33,547*
  2. Arbaaz ‘Abbc’ Ahmed – ₹1,12,649*
  3. Hemant ‘Hemant0606’ Poddar – ₹1,00,909*
  4. notilt – ₹60,180
  5. Aryaman ‘aryaknight’ Arora – ₹40,800
  6. Neha ‘bugsy’ Kamath – ₹27,540
  7. Avijit ‘SwangoRay’ Jaiswal – ₹19,380
  8. Chaitanya ‘chaitanyadhingra’ Dhingra – ₹14,688

*denotes a three-way deal


Masters#50 (5-Max) Hyper – ₹7 Lakhs GTD

Buy-in – ₹1,650

Entries – 369

Re-entries – 355

Prize Pool – ₹10,86,000

Places Paid – 119

In a stunning display of skill, Siddharth ‘GangnamGangi’ Gangwar flexed his poker muscles to victory in PokerBaazi’s ₹7 Lakhs GTD Masters#50 (5-Max) Hyper. This remarkable win marked his triumphant return to the winner’s circle after a 12-day hiatus and his maiden title in the Indian Poker Masters series.

Siddharth Gangwar
Siddharth Gangwar


As June’s 1000X#24 Friday Prime champion, Gangwar proved his mettle once again. He skillfully conquered a bustling field of 724 entrants (369 unique) in the super-fast Masters#50 (5-Max) Hyper, taking down the 9 PM tournament in under four hours. His first-place finish added a substantial ₹1.51 Lakhs to his bankroll, while the runner-up, PokerBaazi user ‘standon108, settled for a commendable ₹1.19 Lakhs.

Making a stellar Tuesday run, Gangwar pocketed a total of ₹1.95 Lakhs from four cash finishes, including:

> 1st in PokerBaazi’s Masters#50 (5-Max) Hyper for ₹1,51,280

> 10th in PokerStars India’s Bounty Builder HR – Ticket Drop Edition for ₹18,093

> 44th in PokerBaazi’s Masters#49 for ₹17,505

> 35th in Adda52’s The Mint for ₹8,412

Siddharth Gangwar’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹6.71 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹2.08 Crores | Titles Won in 2023: #16 | IPM Titles Won: #1

Among those joining Gangwar at the Masters#50 final table was Mandar ‘MAMA04’ Madaye, who secured a solid ₹41,268 in fifth place.

With a modest ₹1,650 entry fee, Masters#50 (5-Max) Hyper amassed an impressive ₹10.86 Lakhs in the prize pool, overshooting its guarantee by over 50%! The spoils were divided among 119 participants, showcasing both the fierce competition and the tournament’s immense appeal.

Final Table Results

  1. Siddharth ‘GangnamGangi’ Gangwar – ₹1,51,280
  2. standon108 – ₹1,19,460
  3. nafeesahmed – ₹90,138
  4. deepakrud – ₹61,359
  5. Mandar ‘MAMA04’ Madaye – ₹41,268


(7-Max) Afternoon Boost- ₹5 Lakhs GTD

Buy-in – ₹2,200

Entries – 141

Re-entries – 140

Prize Pool – ₹5,62,000

Places Paid – 53

PokerBaazi regular and multiple NPS medal winner ‘Heisenbergj‘ again lived up to his reputation yesterday by clinching victory in the ₹5 Lakhs GTD (7-Max) Afternoon Boost. Storming past a formidable field of 281 players (141 unique), ‘Heisenbergj’ navigated their way to the top, ultimately pocketing a substantial reward of ₹78,575. This marked their sixth victory in this afternoon marquee tournament.

Before sealing the win, ‘Heisenbergj’ struck a heads-up deal with ‘elefante,’ who just last Thursday finished third in Masters#15 MonsterStack. ‘elefante’ took home ₹74,120 for the runner-up position.

Heisenbergj’s PokerBaazi stats: Site Winnings: ₹37.64 Lakhs | Site Profits: ₹8.49 Lakhs | Titles Won in 2023: #11

The final table of the (7-Max) Afternoon Boost wasn’t short of talent. Among the poker luminaries making it to the final stages were Rahul ‘Bunnyhigh’ Solanki (3rd for ₹51,086), Anilkumar ‘jat777’ Singh (5th for ₹26,807), and Roshan ‘Noobdoob’ Fernandes (6th for ₹18,996).

With a ₹2,200 buy-in, the 2 PM tournament generated a notable prize pool of ₹5.62 Lakhs, ensuring the top 53 contenders walked away with cash prizes.

Final Tables Results

  1. Heisenbergj – ₹78,575*
  2. elefante – ₹74,120*
  3. Rahul ‘Bunnyhigh’ solanki – ₹51,086
  4. FighterShark – ₹37,935
  5. Anilkumar ‘jat777’ Singh – ₹26,807
  6. Roshan ‘Noobdoob’ Fernandes – ₹18,996
  7. meemumbaikar – ₹15,511

*denotes a heads-up deal


50 Lakhs GTD Masters#39 Afternoon Value – Qualifier 2

Q2 > Entries – 397 | Re-entries – 179 | Survivors – 47 | Chip Leader – ‘Pokerbaaaz’ (560,000)

Combined > Entries – 877 | Re-entries – 401 | Survivors – 99 (unique) | Chip Leader – ‘Psycho91’ (609,000)


Indian Poker Masters Leaderboard Rankings After Day 8

The drama is building as PokerBaazi’s monumental ₹28-plus Crores GTD Indian Poker Masters enters Day 9, with high-intensity gameplay marking the proceedings thus far. Five riveting, high-stakes contests painted an exhilarating tableau, setting the stage for a grand Tuesday showdown. And while the players displayed fierce tenacity, the top ranks on the ₹60 Lakhs GTD Indian Poker Masters leaderboard revealed no changes.

Surprising many by rising from an underdog position at sixth, PokerBaazi user ‘Sw1612’ is now the player to watch. Holding the top spot for two consecutive days and amassing an impressive 7,651 points on the leaderboard, ‘Sw1612’ may not have any titles yet, but he has consistently demonstrated remarkable skill. His performance includes four memorable final table appearances, with highlights such as a seventh-place finish in Masters#3 (7-Max), a runner-up position in Masters#35, and two fourth-place finishes in Masters#40 and Masters#42 SuperStack on Monday.

Not far behind is Pradip ‘Nit2Donk’ Ghosh, whose Monday performance skyrocketed him to the #2 spot. Ghosh has collected 7,362 points, and his resume sparkles with victories in Masters#7 (6-Max) Turbo and the recent Masters#40. An additional three final table appearances throughout the series underline his dominant presence on the leaderboard.

The bronze position on the IPM leaderboard belongs to Mohak ‘Tiltin’ Kapoor. With an enviable 7,029 points, Kapoor’s remarkable run includes 23 cash finishes. His successes are highlighted by consecutive wins in Masters#4 and Masters#8 Bounty and two additional final table appearances.

Also prominent in the IPM leaderboard’s upper echelons are Akshat ‘takingcuntrol’ Sharma (6,887 points), Shailesh ‘MrShailesh’ Patel (6,857 points), and Vikram ‘Poker_lover’ Mishra (6,745 points).

As the Indian Poker Masters continues to unfold, the anticipation builds, and the stakes get higher. The leaderboard’s stability at the top ranks shows an intense battle for supremacy. With more events on the horizon, the competition is far from over!

2Pradip 'Nit2Donk' Ghosh7,362
3Mohak 'tiltin' Kapoor7,029
4Akshat 'takingcuntrol' Sharma6,887
5Shailesh 'MrShailesh' Patel6,857
6Vikram 'Poker_lover' Mishra6,745
7Venkatesh 'Psyberius' Mukundan6,185
8Rajneesh 'msdhoni' Thakur6,126
9Kashish 'BeeTa03' Gupta6,068
10Ganesh 'Ganesh24' Durgade6,025


‘Whoarewe’ (Won 2.50 Lakhs GTD 7-Max Midnight SPRINT for 52,640), ‘Venom1010’ (Won 1 Lakh GTD PLO-6 Boost Monster for 46,390), Hemanshu ‘papakancha00’ Tomar (Won 1.50 Lakhs GTD Daily Night SPRINT for 39,970), ‘crownTHEclown’ (Won 1 Lakh GTD PKO for 22,470), and Chaitanya ‘chaitanyadhingra’ Dhingra (Won 1.50 Lakhs GTD Daily Morning SPRINT for 29,900) won the other PokerBaazi marquees.



Pocket Bullets – ₹18 Lakhs GTD

Buy-in – ₹4,400

Entries – 250

Re-entries – 113

Prize Pool – ₹18,00,000

Places Paid – 60

Pocket52 has set the poker community abuzz by unveiling a colossal ₹11.50 Crores in tournament guarantees for August, injecting a new wave of enthusiasm among poker enthusiasts.

Leading the pack in the Tuesday lineup of events on Pocket52 was the ₹18 Lakhs GTD Pocket Bullets. Ending nearly four weeks without a title, seasoned circuit regular Gurpal ‘singhsterrr’ Singh made a triumphant comeback. He clinched first place in the 8 PM flagship event after outlasting a formidable field of 363 entrants (250 unique).

Gurpal Singh
Gurpal Singh


Singh’s victory marked his second time winning the 8 PM tournament title this year, with a handsome prize of ₹2.94 Lakhs. Finishing close behind was Alok ‘Coconut1’ Pawar, who secured a commendable ₹2.07 Lakhs as the runner-up.

Singh’s Tuesday was nothing short of spectacular, with total earnings touching ₹3.13 Lakhs from three cash finishes, which include:

> 1st in Pocket52’s Pocket Bullets for ₹2,94,471

> 17th in PokerBaazi’s Masters#50 (5-Max) Hyper for ₹9,774

> 44th in Adda52’s The Mint for ₹8,412

Gurpal Singh’s online stats (excluding Pocket52): Lifetime Winnings: ₹2.86 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹66.36 Lakhs | Titles Won in 2023: #12

Notable players who graced the Pocket Bullets final table included Parini ‘Siddharth’ Luniya (3rd for ₹1.55 Lakhs), Shrikant ‘baphomate’ Sanjay Pradhan (4th for ₹1.18 Lakhs), Bharat ‘lorenzovonmatterhon’ Vasan (7th for ₹57,505), and Milena ‘Milena’ Mezhuilva (8th for ₹46,327).

Despite its attractive ₹4,400 entry fee, the Pocket Bullets tournament fell short of meeting its ambitious guarantee by ₹3.48 Lakhs. Nevertheless, the flagship event distributed cash rewards to the top 60 finishers.

Final Table Results

  1. Gurpal ‘singhsterrr’ Singh – ₹2,94,471
  2. Alok ‘Coconut1’ Pawar – ₹2,06,824
  3. Parini ‘Siddharth’ Luniya – ₹1,55,273
  4. Shrikant ‘baphomate’ Sanjay Pradhan – ₹1,18,451
  5. nanga_insaan – ₹92,149
  6. quick_farfetchÂ’d165_9398083 – ₹72,374
  7. Bharat ‘lorenzovonmatterhon’ Vasan – ₹57,505
  8. Milena ‘Milena’ Mezhuilva – ₹46,327


Terminator – 8 Lakhs GTD

Buy-in – 3,300

Entries – 160

Re-entries – 88

Prize Pool – 8,00,000

Places Paid – 35

In a decisive showdown, circuit regular Kabir ‘tiltplay’ Tandon emerged victorious in Pocket52’s 7 PM Tuesday flagship event, the 8 Lakhs GTD Terminator. Outmanoeuvring a competitive field of 248 entrants (160 unique), Tandon clinched the title and a substantial 1.49 Lakhs in winnings. Young Gun Aayush ‘aayusharya’ Arya came in a close second, earning a runner-up payday of 1.04 Lakhs.

Aayush Arya
Aayush Arya


Arya, who last won the Dynamite DST on July 29, accumulated an impressive 1.27 Lakhs from five cash finishes across his Tuesday session, which include:

> 2nd in Pocket52’s Terminator for 1,04,364

> 67th in PokerBaazi’s Masters#49 for 8,753

> 40th in PokerBaazi’s Masters#46 for 5,100

> 27th in PokerBaazi’s (7-Max) Afternoon Boost for 4,608

> 68th in PokerBaazi’s Masters#47 for 4,506

Aayush Arya’s online stats (excluding Pocket52 and PokerStars India): Lifetime Winnings: 6.02 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 2.27 Crores | Titles Won in 2023: #14

The unstoppable Abhimanyu ‘Holy_Grail’ Mittal, having recently surpassed the 2 Crore mark in annual earnings, continued his strong run by hauling in 58,370 through four cash outs and additional bounties:

Abhimanyu Mittal
Abhimanyu Mittal


> 6th in Pocket52’s Terminator for 36,520

> 9th in PokerBaazi’s Masters#46 for 11,220

> 51st in PokerBaazi’s Masters#47 for 5,378

> 141st in PokerBaazi’s Masters#49 for 5,252

Abhimanyu Mittal’s online stats: (excluding Pocket52): Lifetime Winnings: 5.65 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 2.08 Crores | Annual Winnings: 2 Crores | Titles Won in 2023: #14 | Ranked #16 in the 2023 Leaderboard Standings (Total Cashes)

Mohit ‘thejokerrr’ Mehta (opted out of our tracking) also made waves with a notable third-place finish in Terminator, netting a cool 78,351.

The Terminator, which commanded a 3,300 entry buy-in, registered an overlay shortfall of 56,000, and 35 players managed to carve out their share from the 8 Lakhs prize pool.

Final Table Results

  1. Kabir ‘tiltplay’ Tandon – 1,48,584
  2. Aayush ‘aayusharya’ Arya – 1,04,364
  3. Mohit ‘thejokerrr’ Mehta – 78,351
  4. Arsames – 59,771
  5. RKP2410 – 46,499
  6. Abhimanyu ‘Holy_Grail’ Mittal – 36,520


‘Vavita_TWHCb5kQE0’ (Won 2.50 Lakhs GTD Snacks for 48,371), ‘user1688882957’ (Won 2 Lakhs GTD Soda for 40,736), and ‘Vexous’ (Won 2 Lakhs GTD Brunch for 37,146), and won the other Pocket52 marquees.


Spartan Poker

Mega Stack – ₹12 Lakhs GTD

Buy-in – ₹4,400

Entries – 183

Re-entries – 51

Re-buys – 151

Prize Pool – ₹15,40,000

Places Paid – 31

Tuesday was an exceptional day for Sandeep ‘MaestroEric’ Singh, as he dazzled the online poker community by accumulating winnings of ₹3.62 Lakhs across four deep runs. His impressive performance included top finishes in Spartan Poker’s highlighted tournaments, with his crowning achievement coming in the ₹12 Lakhs GTD Mega Stack.

Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh


Facing a competitive field of 385 participants (183 unique) in the 8 PM Mega Stack, Singh seized the title and an impressive prize of ₹3.26 Lakhs after a grueling eight-hour showdown. Amrit ‘sunrunner’ Mishra was not far behind, skillfully securing second place with ₹2.19 Lakhs.

Remarkably, this marked Singh’s first flagship title victory in a fortnight and his repeat performance at the Mega Stack, having won the Tuesday title just three weeks prior.

Singh’s Tuesday finishes include:

> 1st in Spartan Poker’s Mega Stack for ₹3,25,710

> 4th in Spartan Poker’s Daily Turbo for ₹21,504

> 82nd in PokerBaazi’s Masters#49 for ₹7,294

> 26th in PokerBaazi’s Masters#47 for ₹6,977

Sandeep Singh’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹3.32 Crores | Titles Won in 2023: #7

The Mega Stack’s final table was a gathering of poker elites. Among them were well-known players like Friday’s Masters#21 Freeze-Out champion Dhaval ‘ElegantlyWasted’ Mudgal (3rd for ₹1.55 Lakhs), Thursday’s Godfather winner Adithya ‘LieTeller’ NG (5th for ₹99,176), Rising Star Aman ‘Karmapoker’ Parakh (6th for ₹75,306), the #9 ranked player on the Indian Poker Masters leaderboard Kashish ‘BeeTa03’ Gupta (7th for ₹54,978) and Monday’s The CashMaker – Triple Chance finalist Sashank ‘TheTamizhDurrr’ Chakravarthy (8th for ₹40,194).

The flagship event, with a ₹4,400 entry buy-in, created a sensational prize pool of ₹15.40 Lakhs. The top 31 finishers were awarded a piece of this lucrative sum.

Final Table Results

  1. Sandeep ‘MaestroEric’ Singh – ₹3,25,710
  2. Amrit ‘sunrunner’ Mishra – ₹2,19,296
  3. Dhaval ‘ElegantlyWasted’ Mudgal – ₹1,54,616
  4. FunnyLeone – ₹1,25,356
  5. Adithya ‘LieTeller’ NG – ₹99,176
  6. Aman ‘Karmapoker’ Parakh – ₹75,306
  7. Kashish ‘BeeTa03’ Gupta – ₹54,978
  8. Sashank ‘TheTamizhDurrr’ Chakravarthy – ₹40,194


‘buntydon’ (Won 2.50 Lakhs GTD Daily Turbo 6-Max for 59,985), ‘buntydon’ (Won 1.50 Lakhs GTD Monster Stack for 36,480), ‘Ezi0’ (Won 1 Lakh GTD Night Rider for 31,080), ‘pranjal1990’ (Won 1 Lakh GTD Chip Up for 29,828), ‘Dhiraj bihani’ (Won 1 Lakh GTD Dark Knight for 24,343), ‘AwwwMann’ (Won 75K GTD Hold’em PKO for 21,242) and ‘$_supernova’ (Won 50K GTD Centurion for 10,310) won the other Spartan Poker marquees.



Ruby – ₹3 Lakhs GTD

Buy-in – ₹1,350

Total Entries – 282

Prize Pool – ₹3,00,000

Places Paid – 53

Unstoppable in his relentless pursuit of excellence, the #1 ranked player on the annual TLB (points) leaderboard, Mohak ‘Tiltin’ Kapoor, delivered yet another masterclass in poker yesterday. Showcasing his extraordinary skill and maintaining his beast mode, Kapoor netted an impressive ₹1 Lakh from a busy Tuesday session that included nine cash finishes, culminating in a title victory.

Mohak Kapoor
Mohak Kapoor


Kapoor, a formidable mid-stakes crusher, achieved his biggest triumph in PokerSaint’s ₹3 Lakhs GTD #Ruby. He emerged victorious in a primetime showdown against a competitive 282-strong field (including re-entries), adding ₹47,959 to his burgeoning bankroll.

Before seizing the 8 PM flagship event, Kapoor smartly struck a three-way deal with site regulars ‘BenjaminRolle’ (2nd for ₹45,237) and ‘rawbetvadra’ (3rd for ₹44,178), all three earning equally respectable payouts.

Kapoor’s top Tuesday finishes include:

> 1st in PokerSaint’s Ruby for ₹47,959* (three-way deal)

> 43rd in PokerBaazi’s Masters#49 for ₹17,505

> 11th in PokerBaazi’s (7-Max) Afternoon Boost for ₹10,453

> 7th in PokerBaazi’s (7-Max) Midnight SPRINT for ₹10,208

> Made Day 2 in PokerBaazi’s Masters#45 Afternoon Value (from Qualifier 2)

Mohak Kapoor’s online stats (excluding Pocket52 and PokerSaint): Lifetime Winnings: ₹6.76 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹93.25 Lakhs | Titles Won in 2023: #37 | Ranked #1 in the 2023 TLB (Points) Standings | Ranked #3 on the ₹60 Lakhs GTD Indian Poker Masters Leaderboard

Final Table Results

  1. Mohak ‘Tiltin’ Kapoor – ₹47,959*
  2. BenjaminRolle – ₹45,237*
  3. rawbetvadra – ₹44,178*
  4. NotSoSaint – ₹23,175
  5. Dammunteapu – ₹16,774
  6. Ciaociao – ₹12,141
  7. Fishy – ₹9,690
  8. Sirjadeja – ₹7,734




PLO6 Booster Tuesday – ₹1 Lakh GTD

Buy-in – ₹660

Entries – 89

Re-buy – 54

Prize Pool – ₹1,00,000

Places Paid – 23

In Tuesday’s thrilling action on PokerDangal, ‘AdamGlock23’ showcased their poker prowess by clinching victory in the ₹1 Lakh GTD PLO6 Booster Tuesday. Battling a starting field of 143 contenders (89 unique) in the primetime tournament, ‘AdamGlock23’ battled it out to earn the first-place prize of ₹21,000.

Following closely was ‘Chetanchaplin,’ who performed commendably to seize the runner-up position, netting ₹15,500.

Interestingly, despite a buy-in of ₹660, the tournament experienced an overlay, falling ₹14,200 shy of its advertised ₹1 Lakh guarantee. The top 23 finishers were duly rewarded with cash prizes for their excellent play.

Final Table Results

  1. AdamGlock23 – ₹21,000
  2. Chetanchaplin – ₹15,500
  3. RaviIndian – ₹11,750
  4. Kashish1410 – ₹9,000
  5. Suspenseful – ₹6,750
  6. anna93 – ₹5,000



PokerStars India

Bounty Builder HR – Ticket Drop Edition – 10 Lakhs GTD

Buy-in – 7,700

Entries – 81

Re-entries – 66

Regular Prize Pool – 5,14,500

Bounty Prize Pool – 5,14,500

Total Prize Pool – 10,29,000

Places Paid – 15

A yet unknown crusher on PokerStars India, ‘RAV1619,’ left an indelible impression on the platform last night. Storming past a competitive field of 147 players (81 unique) in the featured 10 Lakhs GTD Bounty Builder HR – Ticket Drop Edition, ‘RAV1619’ claimed the coveted Tuesday flagship title and a substantial 2.39 Lakhs in prize money (1.43 Lakhs in bounties).

Hot on the heels of a third-place finish in The Big Bash last Friday, seasoned pro Mithun ‘ThePokeRajaIN’ Mahesh (opted out of our tracking) demonstrated his prowess, securing a well-deserved 1.11 Lakhs (14,438 in bounties) as the tournament’s runner-up.

Mithun Mahesh
Mithun Mahesh


Another player enjoying a triumphant Tuesday was Mayank ‘riverrshiverr’ Maruka. He turned a 1,500 satellite investment into a cool 1.02 Lakhs for a fourth-place finish in the Bounty Builder HR. His impressive play led to a total accumulation of 1.17 Lakhs through four deep runs, which include:

Mayank Maruka
Mayank Maruka


> 4th in PokerStars India’s Bounty Builder HR – Ticket Drop Edition for 1,02,177

> 68th in PokerBaazi’s Masters#49 for 8,753

> 47th in PokerBaazi’s Masters#50 (5-Max) Hyper for 4,670

> 12th in PokerStars India’s Uppercut for 1,833

Mayank Maruka’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: 3.51 Crores | Lifetime Profits: 68.29 Lakhs | Titles Won in 2023: #23

The Bounty Builder HR’s final table was a veritable battleground, with stalwarts such as Ashit ‘Cringing’ Sharma (5th for 48,571) and Sandeep ‘effuno007’ Varma RS (7th for 52,514) making their presence felt.

With a 7,700 entry buy-in, the tournament exceeded its guarantee, amassing a lucrative prize pool of 10.29 Lakhs, shared among the top 15 finishers. Participants also benefited from PokerStars India’s Ticket Drop promotion, as players on randomly selected tables received tickets to the 15 Seat GTD Monster Stack Mega Satellite valued at 660 each.

Final Table Results (Including Bounties)

  1. RAV1619 – 2,39,034
  2. Mithun ‘ThePokeRajaIN’ Mahesh – 1,10,956
  3. pokerface0455 – 73,378
  4. Mayank ‘riverrshiverr’ Maruka – 1,02,177
  5. Ashit ‘Cringing’ Sharma – 48,571
  6. Deepak006 – 67,741
  7. Sandeep ‘effuno007’ Varma RS – 52,514


Kashish ‘dubaisoon’ Sachdev (Won 1.50 Lakhs GTD Uppercut for 37,864), ‘CR7 Official’ (Won 50K GTD Super Stack PKO 8-Max for 13,567) and ‘rpthepoet’ (Won 50K GTD Bounty Adrenaline 6-Max for 10,196) and won the other PokerStars India marquees.



The Mint – ₹14 Lakhs GTD

Buy-in – ₹3,850

Entries – 231

Re-entries – 206

Prize Pool – ₹15,29,500

Places Paid – 49

Young Gun Shardul ‘vamos96’ Parthasarathi, an esteemed poker coach and a product of Vellore Institute of Technology, clinched a much-awaited victory in Adda52’s ₹14 Lakhs GTD The Mint last night. Facing off against 437 competitors (231 unique), Parthasarathi reigned supreme in the 8 PM flagship tournament, grabbing the champion’s prize worth ₹3.26 Lakhs.

Shardul Parthasarathi
Shardul Parthasarathi


This victory was long-overdue for Parthasarathi, who had made an astounding 13 final table finishes since his last triumph in the ITM #8 Turbo on July 2. On this triumphant Tuesday, he not only secured his first win in The Mint but also amassed a total of ₹3.43 Lakhs across four deep runs, including:

> 1st in Adda52’s The Mint for ₹3,25,961

> 74th in PokerBaazi’s Masters#49 for ₹8,753

> 29th in PokerStars India’s Bounty Builder HR – Ticket Drop Edition for ₹5,250

> 121st in PokerBaazi’s Masters#47 for ₹3,052

Shardul Parthasarati’s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹8.92 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹2.78 Crores | Titles Won in 2023: #6 | Annual Winnings: ₹1.62 Crores

But Parthasarathi wasn’t the only one shining bright. Following his runner-up finish in The Ballers on Friday, Bhavyajeet Singh ‘brbhavya’ Rathore yet again claimed the second position in The Mint, adding a substantial ₹2.71 Lakhs to his bankroll.

Bhavyajeet Singh Rathore
Bhavyajeet Singh Rathore


Bhavyajeet Singh Rathore`s online stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹69.89 Lakhs | Lifetime Profits: ₹15.81 Lakhs | Titles Won in 2023: #5

The Tuesday action also witnessed Vikhyat ‘hazard57’ Ahlawat making waves with ₹1.75 Lakhs from three cash finishes, highlighted by two remarkable final table scores:

Vikhyat Ahlawat
Vikhyat Ahlawat


> 4th in Adda52’s The Mint for ₹1,14,713

> 5th in PokerBaazi’s Masters#47 for ₹55,233

> 130th in PokerBaazi’s Masters#49 for ₹5,252

> Made Day 2 in PokerBaazi’s Masters#51 Afternoon Value (from Qualifier 2)

Vikhyat Ahlawat’s online stats (excluding PokerStars India):: Lifetime Winnings: ₹2.58 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹50.34 Lakhs | Titles Won in 2023: #12 | Annual Winnings: ₹1.49 Crores | Ranked #5 on the 2023 TLB (Points) Leaderboard

Not to be forgotten, the inaugural Game Changer champion Prashanth ‘ekthatalli’ Sekar made a strong appearance, taking home the third-place prize of ₹1.53 Lakhs in The Mint.

With a buy-in of ₹3,850, The Mint generated an impressive prize pool of ₹15.30 Lakhs, shared among the top 49 finalists.

Final Table Results

  1. Shardul ‘vamos96’ Parthasarathi – ₹3,25,961
  2. Bhavyajeet Singh ‘brbhavya’ Rathore – ₹2,70,545
  3. Prashanth ‘ekthatalli’ Sekar – ₹1,52,950
  4. Vikhyat ‘hazard57’ Ahlawat – ₹1,14,713
  5. FoldMasterCK1992 – ₹76,475
  6. 8Y4Y9Y1Y6Z – ₹53,533
  7. UNKNOWN – ₹42,061
  8. Iamondrugs – ₹34,414


Cherag ‘TheMiracleBoy’ Batliwalla (Won 2.50 Lakhs GTD Voyager for 69,680), ‘Harshyash1620’ (Won 1.50 Lakhs GTD Nighttide DST Adda for 28,495), ‘bhaagbc’ (Won 1.20 Lakhs GTD Afternoon Adda for 27,000), ‘Bluffminister’ (Won 40K GTD Morning Adda for 13,041), GaurangBhattigaurang77Bhatti (Won 50K GTD Sundown Adda for 11,800) and ‘cricpoker’ (Won 40K GTD Bounty Adda for 10,783) won the other Adda52 marquees.


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