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The actual measurement of Fun88 and i88 Casino in India

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The actual measurement of Fun88 and i88 Casino in India, who is better to make money | Know the fishing machine cycle every time you play, you must win


The fishing machine is a favorite of many Fun88 game players. Simple operation and well-understood rules are its biggest selling points. Fun88 Players will always stare at the screen and wait for the big fish to appear, but when they see a lot of small fish, they also want to seize the opportunity to catch them all, hoping that every attack can bring them a huge bonus, but how can they be? Will there be real bonuses in the Fun88 casino after the game ends? Fun88 app


If you want to win money with a Fun88 fishing machine, you must first know:

  1. 1. Is there a fixed rule for the Fun88 fishing machine?
  2. 2. Fun88: When should you attack or wait?
  3. 3. Will the Fun88 fishing machine earn or lose after playing for a long time?

1. Is there a fixed rule for the Fun88 fishing machine?

Although the picture of the fishing machine looks like it is completely impossible to know which fish will come out next and how many fish there will be, the "lineup rotation" of the Fun88 fishing machine is actually traceable. Just like the slot machine has a mechanism to allocate the chances of winning, the fishing machine also has a cycle of eating points, spitting points, and balancing. It is impossible to simply take the jackpot away, but it will not let the Fun88 players taste anything. Sweetness, online betting sites in india

  • [Eat points]
    It can be interpreted as the fishing machine filling the inventory. At this time, the fish can still be seen swimming, but either the score is very low, or it is difficult to beat. Many people will do it during this period. Fish and wasted chips. fun88

  • 【Spit points】
    When the food points reach a threshold, the fishing opportunity begins to spit and stage for a while. During this period, the chances of large fish appearing will be higher. Fish that are usually difficult to catch may also have a chance to become better, and there are even some Fun88 fishing machines. The mechanism will become a cool play time of "play and win". Fun88

  • 【balance】
    The period of eating points and spitting points is a positive and a negative. This kind of rotation allows the Fun88 game to proceed smoothly. Although there is such a mechanism that allows the player and the game trader to have their own gains, in fact, the fishing machine is most often maintained. It's the balance period, this period is usually not great for winning or losing, and it is suitable for pure entertainment. fun88 bet

  • It is impossible for the fishing machine of Fun88 Casino to directly tell you "I am vomiting in staging!", so we must observe and try to figure out which state the current game system is in. After you find a fishing machine that you like and understand the rules, it is recommended to use a low-cost small shell every time you start playing. If the fish is good, you can change it for a more expensive one but you can play. To the shells of the better fish; on the contrary, if the small shells are difficult to fight and you don't see any big fish, then it is very likely that you are eating staging. When encountering spit installments, Fun88 players will definitely feel very impressed. Grasp this period to earn rich rewards for yourself!

2. Fun88: When should you attack or wait?

Once you have mastered the appearance cycle of a school of fish, you can further formulate an action strategy. Since every attack costs money, even if you just try and see, you need to spend a certain amount of money. If you want to pay the least chips to get the most benefits, you must know how to wait and grasp the timing of the attack.


Suitable time for attack:

  1. 1. Make sure that the fish caught will bring rewards that are higher than the cost
  2. 2. Have appropriate weapons or tools on hand
  3. 3. There is no other interference near the fish you want to catch
  4. 4. Even if you fail to hit the target, there is a second target to hit

Suitable time to wait:

  1. 1. I tried the fish that I usually play well 1 or 2 times but failed
  2. 2. Although there are big fish, the angle or position is poor
  3. 3. Insufficient budget to attack
  4. 4. I don't know how much you can earn by catching any fish
  5. 5. Not sure which weapon has what effect

3. Will the Fun88 fishing machine earn or lose after playing for a long time?

Before asking this question, you should ask yourself: Have you found the right way to play the Fun88 fishing machine? Of course, if your eyes are on entertainment and pastime, it doesn’t matter how much money you pay, and you don’t get bonuses at all. You will find it difficult to make money. The reason is that this kind of mentality is easy to get better and better during the balance period. I always feel like it’s fun to fish, invest in chips that don’t correspond to the income, and lose money by insisting on not giving up and thinking that the next shot will be hit. Then of course how to play. lose!


There are a lot of videos on the Internet that show real game screens of shooting fishing machines for everyone to see. It seems that the people who made the videos can make a lot of money by playing it very easily, but in fact, it doesn't feel like that when playing by yourself? Fun88 Players who are exposed to fishing machines at the beginning should be psychologically prepared to "spend money to familiarize themselves with the game". After all, they are not familiar with the world, and the rules are not necessarily understood. The actual experiment is the fastest; if you really feel like spending these experiments Sexual funds will be very distressing. In fact, the Fu88 casino experience fund when registering a member is a good experimental amount. After having a certain understanding of the fishing machine, it is really easy to make a bonus from it.


Fun88 five fishing machines are all simple and easy to use game designs, combined with the gambling elements of earning losses, it makes the excitement and refreshment improved several levels. After mastering the game structure, you are already more likely to earn bonuses than others. So remember to check whether the changes in your account are within expectations! I wish you all to have fun and earn money!