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How to play black jack

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Learn how to play black jack online

Strategies and tips to know how to play black jack

Wondering how to play black jack? Black jack (also called 21) is one of the most popular and exciting casino games ever seen and played. That’s why maybe you want to learn how to play black jack!

That’s why today we share with you some tips and strategies to help you learn how to play black jack online in the comfort of your home. Moreover, these recommendations will be helpful to play in land-based casinos and online ones as well.

Learn how to play black jack

But one thing is sure: online casino have taken the computer gaming experience to another level. A favorite among experienced and not-so-experienced players, live casino features high-quality video, multiple cameras, exquisite studios and professional dealers, who exude friendliness in their interaction with players.

If you want to learn how to play black jack online, the first recommendation is to register to an Online casino for free. By doing so, you can master easily the black jack strategies to play for the best.

Before learning how to play black jack, understand the aim of the game!


Blackjack consists of facing the dealer individually, comparing your hand with each player's own, trying to get 21 points or the closest possible number without going over.

To achieve this score, the values of the two cards dealt to each player at the beginning of the game are added to those of the new cards that can be optionally added during the turn of the game.

If the two initial cards add up to 21, it is called black jack, and it is the best play. When a player does not add up to 21 with his two cards, he can ask for cards to get that number or one close to it, but if the player exceeds those 21 points, he loses, regardless of what the dealer does.

The dealer also plays but has very defined rules that must be considered. If the sum of the dealer's cards is 16 or less, he must hit and if they add up to 17 or more, he must stand.

When does the dealer win and when does the dealer lose? The dealer beats all players who go over 21 and those who have a lower value play, on the other hand, he ties with those players who have the same sum.

The dealer's hand loses to the players who have a higher hand than his or, if the dealer goes over, to all those who stand, regardless of the sum of points they have.

Cards’ value


When learning how to play black jack, it is important to know what the cards’ value are. To be able to add the 21 points of the best play, we must know the value that corresponds to each card of the deck, since there are some variations with respect to other similar games.

The Ace is the only card in the deck that has two values, 1 and 11, being the player who owns it the one who chooses the value between both according to his convenience. They are very valuable cards by this virtue.

The cards numbered with index from two to ten have the value corresponding to their numbering.

On the other hand, all the figures (Jack, Queen and King) have the same value: 10. It is important for the player to know that in 52 cards, there are 16 with a value of 10.

Table, seats and dealer

The game has a particular table like poker or roulette. It is a semicircular or half-moon table, whose straight side is occupied by the dealer, representing the bank, while the curved side is occupied by the players, who can be up to 7 per table.

The dealer is the one who directs the game, indicates at each moment which player must act. Moreover, he or she deals and removes the cards, manages the payment/collection of bets, as well as plays the dealer's hand.

The first step in a black jack hand is the betting round. In it, each player seated at the table who wants to participate in the hand places his bet in his playing area. The amount of money to bet must be between a maximum and a minimum limit.

These limits are established by the dealer or the casino. The dealer, even if he participates in all the hands representing the dealer, does not bet.

Dealing of cards


Once the bets are placed, the dealer will announce "no more bets", closing the access to other players until the next hand. After this, he will deal two cards to each player and one to himself.

The cards are dealt one at a time, starting with the player to the left of the dealer in a clockwise direction. All cards dealt in this phase will be turned face up at the beginning, exposing their value.

Black jack betting round


If the dealer's revealed card is an ace, and only in this case, he will offer the option to insure to the players, immediately after he has finished dealing.

This option allows the participants in the hand to bet that the dealer will have Black jack, so that they could recover a part of the investment since it will pay out at 2-1. The maximum allowed to insure is half of the bet that each player initially made.

Players' turn. It is time for the player to the left of the dealer to start playing his hand. He (and the rest of the participants in their corresponding turns) will have the possibility to perform the following actions to try to win:

If the two initial cards were even or had the same value, the player can make the decision to play one hand or two (split).

Split or split: It consists of separating the cards of the game and adding a new bet to one of them, so that first a hand will be played with one of the separated cards and then a second hand will be played with the other remaining card. If the player decides to split his cards, he will be automatically dealt one more card for each hand and then the game will end. That is, he will not be able to draw any more cards. Splitting cards in black jack If the player decides not to split the cards, then he/she can:

  2. Draw: In order to reach 21 or get as close as possible, you can draw as many cards as you want until the target sum is exceeded. If the sum of cards exceeds 21, the player has passed, his cards and the bet corresponding to that hand will be removed. If the hand to be played comes from splitting two aces, only one card may be drawn for each of the aces.
  4. Stand: Either at the beginning or after drawing, if the player considers that he has a play that he can win, or that drawing more cards could make him go over 21, he has the option to close his play and wait for the dealer's turn by standing.
  6. Double or double the bet: This option allows doubling the initial bet in exchange for receiving only one card, after which the hand is closed or discarded if it has gone over 21.
  8. Dealer's turn: After waiting for the end of the last player's turn at the table, it is time for the dealer to defend. If there are no active players left, the hand is considered over without the need for the dealer to play and a new round of betting begins.
  10. If there are still active players, the dealer's hand is played automatically, if his two cards add up to 16 or less, he will have to ask for cards until they add up to 17 or more. If you exceed 21, your hand is discarded. On the other hand, if your cards add up to 17 or more you are forced to stand. The rules are clear and do not give the dealer the option to make decisions.

Prize distribution


Once the dealer finishes the dealer's hand, the prizes are distributed. Each play that is higher than the dealer's hand wins the same amount bet, 1-1, if it is Black jack it pays 3-2. The plays lower than the dealer's hand lose.

If Black jack is achieved with a split hand, it will not be considered as such at the time of cashing out.

The hands that tie with the dealer's hand get their initial bet back, without winning or losing.

Tough, if the dealer's hand busts, all participants who stand win. In those cases where there are any insured players. Finally, if the dealer gets Black jack, he will pay 2-1 to the insured players.

After the payout, the hand is concluded, and a new round of betting is opened.

Tips to play black jack online


If you are learning how to play black jack online, these recommendations are useful for you:

  2. Use the welcome bonus: When you sign up at an online casino, you automatically earn credits that can increase your cash box available for wagering. Find out which casinos pay these bonuses the best and be sure to use them on your bets.
  4. Set time and money limits: Every conscious gambler knows that it is very easy to lose track of time and exceed your own financial limits when playing in a casino, because the atmosphere surrounding the whole game is fun and exciting.
  6. Train to think under pressure: In the live casino there is a time limit for each player to make their move. If you are the type who needs a lot of time to analyze the game before making the next action, we suggest you train before starting live games. Only then you will be able to make assertive plays and feel confident to act within the time allowed for betting.
  8. Know the RTP of the games: Every good player should know the RTP of the games he chooses. The RTP (Return To Player) is the financial return a game offers to the player. Some games offer low rates of return, while others offer fantastic returns. Always keep an eye on this information.

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