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Teen Patti Cash

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According to the Teen Patti Cash rules, the payer will be given several choices of either betting on the player hand winning, banker hand winning or a draw between the two. Then two cards will be dealt to the banker and the player. You will win even money if the hand you Teen Patti Real Cash wins. Even money bets are one-to-one, indicating that if you Teen Patti Real Cash ten dollars, you will be paid ten plus ten so your profit will be equivalent to the amount you Teen Patti Real Cash. However, if you Teen Patti Real Cash for a tie and indeed it is one, then you will be paid eight-to-one, meaning if your Teen Patti Real Cash is ten dollars and you win, you will receive your initial ten dollars as well as your profit of 80 dollars. Further understanding on how to play Teen Patti Cash is the scoring and goal. Your two-card hand is intended for trying to obtain a total close to nine. Face cards and tens are considered zero and with the exception of ace that is worth one. Any cards from two to nine are worth their figure value. These are really simple but there is one tricky section. There is no such thing called "busting hand" in blackjack, but in Teen Patti Cash, there is. If your accumulated figure is a two-digit number then the first digit will be dropped. For instance if you obtain a pair of eights where the total should be 16, the count will turn to 6 as the 1 will be arbitrarily dropped.

Teen Patti Cash


Learn how to play online Teen Patti Cash

If you wish to learn to play Teen Patti Cash, you should first learn and understand the possible strategies of the game. Strategies can help you figure out the confusions and assist you in focusing on the objectives of the game - to win the betting and enjoy the fun of the game. There are plenty of strategies you can apply in the Teen Patti Cash game, either you are playing in real Teen Patti Real Cash or playing the game via the internet. There is one very common Teen Patti Cash strategy used by most players when playing any card game in the Teen Patti Real Cash called the card counting. Compared with other games, this is more difficult to apply in Teen Patti Cash as it involves multiple decks of cards. The whole onslaught of cards is referred to as the shoe. Most Teen Patti Real Cash have the shoe of about eight decks in it. Whether the card counting is an effective strategy or not is rather controversial. But this is certainly not recommended for beginners to use in Teen Patti Real Cash as it could results in great aggravation if you are caught counting the cards. However, some newcomers who have just started to learn to play Teen Patti Cash seem to state otherwise. They deem that no other betting system is better for the game although many claim that the card counting strategy is only suitable for short term gamblers.

Teen Patti Cash

Learning how to Teen Patti Real Cash 

On the other hand, the 1-3-2-6 system will be more attractive to punters where players only risk two betting units to stand a chance to win ten units. In simpler words, this strategy allows you to make a handsome profit with minimal investment. This Teen Patti Cash strategy is rather complicated and requires some practices before you can master it. The first Teen Patti Real Cash will be one unit. If you win, you can add another unit to make the next Teen Patti Real Cash a total of three units. If you continue winning then there will six units. You can remove four, leaving two units for your third Teen Patti Real Cash. If it still wins, you can add another two to make it six units for the next Teen Patti Real Cash. If your fourth bet wins you will have a total of 12 units. Any profit above ten is fabulous. However, if you lose the first bet, the loss will be one unit. If you win the first but lose the next bet, your loss will be two units. If you win the second but lose the third, you will earn two units of profit. If you win the first three bets but lose on the fourth bet then it is called break even. If you lose the second bet for five out of six times but win for four successive bets then you will be right back to even. When you begin to learn to play Teen Patti Cash, you may slowly apply the strategy into your betting. Besides, you can also apply the system in even-money betting for other Teen Patti Real Cash games. However, with such strategies, the house still holds the advantage of the game 3 patti.

Teen Patti Cash

Teen Patti Cash guides for beginners 

Teen Patti Cash is a popular card game that has only 3 outcomes. Either the player wins, or the banker wins, or there is a tie. The game was supposedly introduced into France from Italy around late 1400. It is a game that has three types - Teen Patti Cash banque, Teen Patti Cash chemin de fer, and punto banco. While the former two allow the players to make a choice, which involves skill and strategy when they play Teen Patti Cash, punto banco is completely a game of luck. There is a great hype surrounding this game, but it really is rather simple to understand. The makers of online Teen Patti Real Cash somehow understood it and introduced it to the public and removed the myth that Teen Patti Cash is only for high rollers and the super elite. In a live Teen Patti Cash game, a player can converse with the dealer and the fellow players. They can also watch the dealer shuffle the cards. In land Teen Patti Real Cash, the dealer only shuffles the cards and watches over the betting. However, in live Teen Patti Cash, the dealer also takes the role of the banker, which in a normal game is done by the players, in turn. If someone isn't willing to play the game, he/she can also place bets on the game. They can wager on the players winning the game, the banker winning the game, or a tie. At the start of the game, the dealer takes bets. The bets are off once the dealer announces, "No more bets". To start the game, the dealer deals two cards face up. The first and the third cards go the player and the second and the fourth card go to the dealer. Most of the Teen Patti Real Cash use 8 decks for the game, although some use 6 and 1 decks also fun88.

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