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From the trend chart to crack the key to winning in each gameplay, the Streaming of Fun88 Lottery in India is not just a look!

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From the trend chart to crack the key to winning in each gameplay, the Live Streaming of Fun88 Lottery in India is not just a look!


Have you played the Fun88 Lottery? Have you calculated how much money you spent on it in total? Have the prizes you won reached the denomination you expected? Most of the players who play the Fun88 lottery enjoy the instant draw process of the Fun88 lottery, and are deeply attracted by the expectation and tension. They think that the Fun88 lottery is really a must to play, but on the one hand, they find it difficult to win the lottery. cold. cricket bet


Although the number-drawing game does not seem to have certain rules, have you ever seen some people who are watching the live streaming of the Power Lottery draw, instead of staring at the lottery tickets on their hands, but working hard to write something? The people who usually do this are those who spend time analyzing and calculating the next Fun88 lottery numbers. They use some skills to choose the numbers they want, and adjust their strategies during the lottery draws to find the ones they think are best used. Analysis method. Of course, you can do it too. online betting games


Open up the road to victory in Fun88 by yourself

  1. 1. How to play the Fun88 Lottery and the criteria for winning
  2. 2. Fun88: The correct way of betting
  3. 3. Fun88: Adjust your mentality and maintain the rhythm

1. Master the game of Fun88 Lottery

Regardless of whether you have played the Fun88 lottery or not, you should go to the rule description to see clearly what are the ways to play. Although we can't understand all of them and memorize them once, at least we must know what changes can be made in such a game. You can also quickly catch the key points you need during the draw screen. Fun88


All the changes in the Fun88 lottery gameplay are based on "the betting options do not match with the colored balls drawn". The same gameplay may have a different gameplay of "2~4 options as a group", such as the two-star Fun88 gameplay. Choose 2 numbers, the odds are lower; the four-star Fun88 gameplay chooses 4 numbers, the odds are higher, depending on the number of numbers included in the option, the game conditions such as winning conditions and odds will also be different, completely according to the player's desire How to configure. andar bahar online


>> Different Fun88 Lotteries have their own winning criteria

  • 【 Number bet 】
    The selected numbers must match the order of the draw and the numbers are the same in order to be considered a winner. fun88

  • 【 Ball color bet 】
    The selected numbers need to match the order of the draw and the color of the colored balls is the same in order to be considered a winner.

  • 【 How to play the zodiac  】
    The selected numbers must match the order of the draw and the zodiac of the colored balls is the same in order to be considered a winner.

  • The zodiac represented by this year is 01, and the zodiac that alternates in the next year is 02, continue. Assuming that this year is the year of the dragon, the number 01 is the dragon, the number 02 is the snake, and the number 03 is the rabbit... At the 13th o'clock, the dragon will continue. There will be 5 numbers for the zodiac for that year, and 4 numbers for the remaining 11 zodiac signs.

  • 【 Mantissa 】
    The mantissa refers to the "single digit", which corresponds to the seven numbers drawn, which can be divided into playing methods with middle and no hits.

  • 【 Two Three Four Stars 】
    It depends on the number of stars to choose. Choose 2~4 numbers. If the lottery number contains the selected number, you can receive the corresponding bonus.

  • 【 Special prize number arrangement 】
    The gameplay of "Indian Number" and "Special Three" is very special. It is not based on the positive or special number drawn by the Fun88 lottery as the standard for the prize. For the new award number, the five numbers obtained are the basis for the number of the station number to win the prize (the station number only needs to choose one number, and it will be considered as winning), and the special three is composed of the second, third, and fourth digits of the station number. Three digits.

  • To give a practical example, the Fun88 numbers are 07, 11, 19, 27, 34, 44. Starting from the "7" of 07, the combination results in 71, 11, 92, 73, and 44 as the prize numbers for the station number. Special three The prize number is 123 by taking one digit from "11, 92, 73".


2. Fun88: The correct way of betting

If you can change the way of just selecting numbers based on intuition, and start learning how to filter out candidate numbers with a higher chance of winning through the Fun88 Lottery Record#, it will be very beneficial for players. Although it is still common to buy Fun88 lottery tickets that have not won a lottery after starting to analyze it, at least the chance of winning is much higher than before, and it will actually be much worse if the accumulation of less and more.


Different analysis methods are required depending on the Fun88 gameplay, but the general direction is the same. Anyone who has seen the big lottery chart should also know that the results of the computer rate will vary with the results of each draw. Different, and the more the number of reference periods, the more accurate the result will often be.


3. Fun88: Adjust your mentality and maintain the rhythm

Don’t give up analysis and planning strategies just because you have tried a few Fun88 games and have not won a good prize, and think that your efforts are a waste of time. As long as you want to continue betting, you should maintain a calm mind and take every bet seriously. , Don’t think about increasing the amount of bet, bet on a large bonus to make up for the loss. This method is not only difficult to achieve, but also only increases the risk that you bear.


Under very unsatisfactory conditions, reducing the bet amount is actually the way to absorb the risks. Although this may not be able to win or lose on the same day, at least it can hold the line of losing money and not burst the budget. ; Even if you just stop and fight another day today, it is a better choice than to continue gambling with a wave of dissatisfaction. Remember, take a long-term view and minimize losses as the goal, and only after a long period of time will it be possible to win money.