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Teach you to guess the winning combination from the Fun88 lottery numbers in India

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Does the study of 539 drag cards help the Mark Six lottery? Teach you to guess the winning combination from the Fun88 lottery numbers in India


The Indian Fun88 Mark Six lottery is loved by many gamblers for its multiple play methods and high bonuses. For those who rely solely on luck, it is just to spend some money to buy a small dream, and forget it. However, some people use Fun88 lottery-type Fun88 lottery coupons as a long-term investment. Use the correct calculation method to increase the chance of winning. Although the number of accumulated earnings may be less than the number of levers, it is rewarding if the bonus is deducted from the cost of betting. So, what are the ways to choose numbers to increase the chances of winning? ipl betting online


Fun88: How to play Mark Six

Mark Six Lottery has 0~49 numbers to choose from. Each issue will draw 6 numbers + 1 special number, called the main branch (main line). cricket bet


■ Fun88: Two stars, three stars, four stars ■

This is the most popular way to play. The amount of the bet is proportional to the bonus. The multiplier is calculated based on the number of bets. One bet is generally 80 yuan. There are also different betting amounts or bonuses offered by some dealers. Pay attention before placing bets! fun88 india

  • 【Two Stars】
  • Choose 4 numbers and match 2 numbers to get a bonus of 5700 yuan, and 3 numbers are 3 times that of 5700. fun88 login

  • 【Three Stars】
    Choose 4 numbers and match 3 numbers to get a bonus of 57,000 (57,000) yuan.

  • 【Four Stars】
    Choose 4 numbers and match the 4 numbers to get a bonus of 750,000 (750,000) yuan.

The above bonuses are all calculated based on 1 bet. Assuming that the number of bets you bet is 2 bets, then all bonuses x2: 2nd star gets 11,400 yuan, 3 stars get 114,000, 4 stars get 1,500,000 yuan, if you buy 3 bets, x3... And so on. fun88 login


If you are not confident about the number you choose, you can choose the number in a staggered manner and match multiple bets with two/three/four stars. This will not only diversify the risk, but also increase the chance of winning. There are many senior Mark Six Fun88 players in Fun88 Casino who will use this method, which is equivalent to receiving three bonuses with the same number. Although it is not easy to win all of them, in the long run, even if there are only secondary and three-star prizes, the bonuses will accumulate very much. considerable!


■ Fun88: By car ■

The way to play by car is to bet only one number. Taking a car can be regarded as "buying a unit", and some people say that it is taking the whole car. Since the amount of betting by car is fixed at 3850 and choosing a number, the cost is relatively high for Fun88 lotto-type lottery tickets. Therefore, there are also games where the dealer drives 0.5 car (half car) and 0.1 car for Fun88 players to place bets. It's the way to choose a number to win the prize, but there is a difference between the bet amount and the prize.


The whole car bet amount is $3850, bonus is $28500
0.5 car bet amount is $1950, bonus is 14250
0.1 car bet amount is $385, bonus is 2850


Fun88: How to choose a number with a higher chance of winning?

Every person chooses a number differently. Here are a few common ways to choose a number:


To figure out the numbers with a higher chance of winning in the next period, you must first look through the historical records of the Fun88 Mark Six lottery numbers. The Fun88 game of drawing numbers looks random and depends on luck, but in fact it is traceable. With simple statistics and mathematics, you can infer which numbers are easier to appear in the next period and which have a lower chance of qualifying.

  • [Last issue number]
    What figures were issued in the previous period? In addition to representing the low probability of two consecutive periods, it can also be used to guess the number of the next period. For example, in the 100 lottery records, the next draw with the 12th draw will have 34 draws with the 17th, 21 draws with the 36th, 7 draws with the 11th... In this sort of order, we can know that the 12th draw is drawn. Number 17 is most likely to appear next time.

  • [Hot and Unpopular Numbers]
    After collecting nearly 50 to 200 Fun88 lottery numbers, you can clearly see the highest and lowest number of appearances, from high to low to popular to unpopular. You can also pay attention to the frequency of each appearance. Assuming that we are from the previous step, The 17th obtained appears once in the 6th period in the record, but this time the previous period that opened the 12th has already been opened on the 17th, then it is unlikely to be re-opened, and you can go to the next 36th.

  • [Odd and even ratio]
    One interesting thing is that among the ten million Fun88 lottery tickets all over the world, all of them are even numbers or all odd numbers are almost within 100 times. So when you finish selecting the numbers, you can be careful not to choose. A combination of all doubles or all singles.

  • [Follow the card]
    Nowadays, many teachers will give out 539 drag numbers on a regular basis. Fun88 Mark Six players also have such indicators that they can refer to. It is good to find a trustworthy teacher, but don't invest too much money because the teacher expresses confidence or is advocating by any external factors! Remember that gambling is "Every time you place a bet, you throw money into the ditch and try to get more money." Don't think that after I paid the 10,000 I could receive millions of dollars after the Fun88 Mark Six lottery is drawn immediately. , This kind of thinking will only make you lose all your Fun88 gambling faster and even ruin your fortune.

The idea of a lot of bets waiting to win a change of life will only make people welcome a new life (a miserable new life) faster. No matter how sure you are with the Fun88 lottery tickets, you must control your budget and place your bets. The amount of money must be an amount that is not painful even if you do not win back. If you do not win, it will not affect your life. Winning is worthy of happiness.